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AMA-MSS Region 5 Meetings

2014 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting

The 2014 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting was held Feb. 28 - March 1, 2014, in Indianapolis, IN, hosted by the AMA-MSS at Indiana University School of Medicine. The theme was: Resilience & Inspiration in Medicine. The Region 5 Annual Meeting was a great success. Over 100 students from around the midwest ascended on Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN to remember what it means to be a phsyican. This year, a different approach was taken to the typical region meeting. Instead of focusing on policy and medical skills the meeting focused on the inner self and what it means to be human.  The keynote speaker, Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD helped the students  look within themselves and ask not only what kind of doctor do they want to be but also what kind of person. He posed the question "how do we define success?" The breakout speakers took students down different paths of critical thinking, helping to understand that medicine is about more than just science and the disease states. But that its about people and who they are as a person will determine how you will practice medicine.

Contact Christopher Wee, AMA-MSS Region 5 Chair, or Kilby Osborn, Region 5 Vice-Chair with any questions.

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2013 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting

The 2013 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting was held Feb. 1-3, 2013, in Grand Rapids, Mich., hosted by the AMA-MSS at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. The theme was: Forward/Future. Region 5 had a fantastic meeting this year. Students had the opportunity to hear from world-class speakers including the AMA President-Elect, Ardis Hoven, MD, the AAMC Council of Dean's Chair-Elect Marsha Rappley, MD, and even had a presentation by Patch Adams, MD. Students also had the opportunity to attend a "Mini-medical school" and learn new suture skills, how to cast, and how to use new cutting edge technology including ultrasound for cardiology or regional anesthetic blocks.

2012 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting

The 2012 AMA-MSS Region 5 Meeting was held Feb. 17-18, 2012, in Toledo, Ohio, hosted by the AMA Medical Student Section at the University of Toledo College of Medicine.