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Region 5 Bylaws

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Last updated May 2010


The full name of this organization shall be Region V of the American Medical Association-Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS). It shall be referred to as Region V thereafter.

ARTICLE II. Objectives

The objectives of Region V shall be to provide medical student participation in the activities of the American Medical Association Medical Student Section, herafter AMA-MSS, through adherence to the following principles:

  • to have meaningful input into the decision and policymaking process of the Association;
  • to improve medical education and to further professional excellence;
  • to involve medical students in addressing and solving the problems of health care and health care delivery and to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information;
  • to develop medical leadership;
  • to initiate and effect necessary change;
  • to promote high personal and professional ethics, and a humanistic approach to the delivery of quality patient care;
  • to promote activity within organized medicine on the local, state, and national levels;
  • to work cooperatively with other student groups to meet these objectives.

ARTICLE III. Membership

3.1 Members must be in good standing in accordance with AMA bylaws.

a. Terms of and the eligibility for the membership in the AMA shall be governed by the bylaws of the AMA.
b. No dues in addition to those paid to the AMA shall be required to be a member.
c. Only members in good standing shall have the right to vote or hold office in Region V.

3.2 Membership shall be limited to those medical students who attend medical allopathic or osteopathic schools in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.

ARTICLE IV. Officers

4.1 Region V shall have the following Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Community Servie Liaison, and Secretary/Treasurer.

4.2 Responsibilities of the Chair shall include:

a. Presiding over the Meetings of the Region
b. Maintaining communication with the Governing Council (GC) of the AMA-MSS
c. Maintaining communication with State leaders
d. Representing the Region to other student groups both within and outside of the AMA
e. Overseeing the regional working committees and distributing/reviewing committee applications

4.3 Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair shall include:

a. Assisting the Chair in all his duties
b. Serving as an Official Keeper and providing an annual review of these Bylaws
c. To oversee the planning of the Region V meeting
d. Assuming the Office of the Chair in case of the Chair’s inability to serve until such time as the Chair may resume his duties.
e. Overseeing the regional working committees and distributing/reviewing committee applications

4.4 Responsibilities of the Community Service Liaison shall include:

a. Serving as the liaison between the AMA-MSS Governing Council At-Large Officer, region members, and AMA chapter Community Service Representative
b. Organizing a community service project as part of the annual Region V meeting
c. Chairing the Region V Community Service Working Committee

4.5 Responsibilities of the Secretary/Treasurer shall include:

a. Collecting regional funds and controlling the region bank account
b. Organizing regional fundraising projects
c. Taking minutes during regional board conference calls and at regional business meetings
d. Chairing the Region V Fundraising Working Committee
e. Keeping Regional communication sites/tools up to date
f. Distributing, collecting, and organizing chapter event forms

4.6 Duty and Capacity

a. The officers shall direct the programs and activities of the Region V.
b. During the interval between meetings of the AMA House of Delegates and the Region, the Officers shall act on behalf of the Region V in formulating decisions related to the development, administration, and implementation of student activities, programs, goals, and objectives.
c. Region V members shall be notified at least quarterly of actions taken by the Officers on its behalf.

4.7 Election of Officers

a. In no event shall the Chair, Vice-Chair, Community Service Liaison, or Secretary/Treasurer be from the same state.
b. Each candidate may declare up to the point of election; however, only those candidates that declare by the date specified by the current Chair shall be able to post their CV and Personal Statement on the Region V listserv.
c. All candidates shall be restricted to distribution of their CV, personal statement, and business cards. No other insignia or campaign materials shall be allowed. Travel to other State Meetings is expressly forbidden, unless a candidate also serves in such capacity that requires him to undertake such travel.
d. Prior to balloting, candidates shall be given 2 minutes to speak and 2 minutes to answer questions to the membership of the Region V.
e. Each election shall be decided by the simple majority vote in accordance with the voting procedures set forth in these bylaws.

  1. In the event of more than two people contesting an office, with no candidate getting the requisite number of votes, a run-off vote shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes.
  2. In the event of a tie between two candidates, the current chair will cast the deciding vote.
  3. Unselected candidates may drop down to the next position for election.

4.8 Term Limits

a. The term of each office shall be 1 year, commencing at the close of each Annual Meeting of the AMA-MSS.
b. The total length of service in these positions shall not exceed 2 years.
c. A term of service of greater than 6 months shall count as a full year.
d. Term limits may be waived if it renders all candidates ineligible.

4.9 Filling of vacancy

a. In case of vacancy in the Office of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall succeed.
b. In case of vacancy in the Office of Vice-Chair, Region V shall elect a replacement at the next Meeting.
c. In case of vacancies in both Offices, Region V shall elect both Officers at the next Meeting.

4.10 Recall of Officers

a. Any member of Region V can bring forth a motion to recall an officer by contacting all of the state chairs or representatives, and the motion must be approved by a majority (>3/5) of the state chairs or representatives
b. Upon approval, the state chairs will designate one chair to notify the officer in recall
c. Notification must be made at least 10 days prior to a regional meeting
d. The officer shall be provided the opportunity to address Region V members at the meeting
e. A ¾ majority vote in favor of removal is required

ARTICLE V. Regional Delegates and Alternate Delegates

5.1 The number of Regional Delegates (RDs) and Regional Alternate Delegates (RADs) shall be set according to the AMA Bylaws.

5.2 Responsibilities shall be performed in accordance with the AMA-MSS Regional Delegate Handbook.

5.3 Duty and Capacity

a. RDs and RADs shall advocate, vote, and represent Region V to the AMA House of Delegates and to their state delegations
b. RDs and RADs shall be given time at the Annual and Interim Region V Business meetings to inform region members about the pertinent issues being discussed at that meeting's AMA HOD. They will inform the membership of the MSS position (if pre-determined) and ask for input to be taken to the MSS caucus.
c. RDs and RADs shall notify Region V members of the results of issues pertinent to Region V heard at the AMA HOD via the Region V listserv at the conclusion of the meeting
d. RDs and RADs shall give a presentation at the Region V meeting to summarize the major actions of the AMA HOD during the past year

5.4 Election of RDs and RADs

a. No person may stand for election to either of these positions, unless he presents a written endorsement of his state’s delegation to the AMA-HOD.
b. No person is eligible for the position of RD unless he has attended at least one AMA-MSS National Meeting prior to the meeting at which the said election shall take place.
c. No more than one person from the same state shall serve as RD, and no more than 2 people from the same state be elected to either RD or RAD, unless there are no other eligible candidates.
d. Remaining election procedures shall apply as set forth for officers in 4.6.c. through e.

  1. In the event that 2 RDs candidates from the state receive enough votes to be elected RD, the person with more votes shall become RD and the person with fewer votes shall become RAD.

5.5 Term Limits

a. The term of Office shall begin at the opening of the AMA-HOD Annual Meeting at which time, the RDs and RADs shall take seats with their State delegations, and the said term shall last for 1 year.
b. The total length of service in these positions shall not exceed 2 years.
c. A term of service of greater than 6 months shall count as a full year.
d. Term limits may be waived if through the enforcement of the said rules Region V would not be able to seat Delegates or Alternates to which it would otherwise be entitled.

5.6 Filling of Vacancies

a. In the event of a vacancy in a regional delegate position less than 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, one of the Region V alternate delegates shall fill that vacancy, appointed by the Region Chair and Vice-Chair. Only Region V alternate delegates shall be eligible to fill a regional delegate vacancy, as per AMA Bylaws and MSS IOPS.
b. In the event of a vacancy in a regional delegate and regional alternate delegate position less than 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, the following shall be considered to be the ‘appropriate authority’ of Region V that is empowered to the Region V Chair and Vice-Chair shall appoint a substitute delegate or from the available Region V alternate delegate, for that meeting only, as necessary:

  1. first, the region Chair;
  2. second, if the region Chair is unavailable, the region Vice-Chair;
  3. third, the region secretary/treasurer;
  4. fourth, the region Community Service Liaison;
  5. finally, the Delegate of the Medical Student Section shall make the appointment to fulfill the vacancy.

ARTICLE VI. Committees

6.1 The Chair and Vice-Chair shall from time to time jointly appoint such committees as they deem appropriate and necessary for the proper functioning of Region V.

6.2 The committees shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Officers of Region V and shall produce such reports as are requested of them by the Chair and Vice-Chair.

6.3 Working committee cycles and member selection shall run as follows:

a. The Region V Chair/Vice-Chair shall distribute committee applications by the end of September to all chapters.
b. The Region V Chair/Vice-Chair will allow no more than 2 weeks for applications to be received. The Chair/Vice-Chair will review all applications and appoint up to 5 members on each committee, including the Chair and appropriate Vice-Chairs.
c. The application cycle may be re-opened within the month following the AMA-MSS Interim meeting. No more than 2 weeks will be allowed for applications to be received. The region Chair/Vice-Chair will review the applications in addition to committee leadership and select between 0-5 additional members to add to each committee. This is in hopes of increasing MS1 involvement and those who were not involved with the region before the Interim meeting.
d. Those appointing positions are encouraged to represent all states in Region V if possible on each committee.
e. All committee positions will dissolve following the AMA-MSS Annual meeting.

6.4 Duties of the Committee Chair will include:

a. Submitting a committee goals list and plan of action to the Region 5 board for the upcoming year within one month of appointment. This should represent the input from all committee members after initial conference calls have taken place.
b. Organizing committee conference calls.
c. Working closely with Committee Vice-Chairs to run committee business.
d. Ensuring that minutes are taken during each conference call and submitting them to the Region V Board.
e. Determining the specific duties of the Committee Vice-Chairs.
f. Reporting committee progress to the Region V board during conference calls when asked to do so.

6.5 Regional Committee on Legislation and Advocacy (COLA) shall:

a. Gather information regarding health policy issues from students across Region V.
b. Educate members on effective lobbying techniques and promote lobbying/advocacy events across the region.
c. Work with the Regional Resolutions Committee to discuss ways in which issues can be addressed through authoring resolutions.
d. Prepare a session/workshop to be held at the annual region meeting.
e. The committee will consist of one Chair, one Vice-Chair, with total member cap determined bythe Region Chair, Vice-Chair, and Committee Chair.

6.6 Regional Resolutions Committee shall:

a. Work with state leadership to prepare regional position/testimony regarding MSS resolutions.
b. Provide guidance to Region V members that are authoring resolutions.
c. Organize a resolutions writing workshop at the annual regional meeting.
d. Work with the Regional COLA committee in discussing the possibility of addressing issues through resolutions.
e. Prepare a session/workshop to be held at the annual region meeting.
f. The committee will consist of one Chair, one Vice-Chair, with total member cap determined by the Region Chair, Vice-Chair, and Committee Chair.

6.7 Regional Membership Committee shall:

a. Raise funds for regional intitatives.
b. Organize projects to increase morale and communication across the region.
c. Prepare a session/workshop to be held at the annual region meeting.
d. The committee will consist of one Chair (Region Secretary/Treasurer), one Vice-Chair, with total member cap determined by the Region Chair, Vice-Chair, and Committee Chair.

6.8 Regional Community Service Committee shall:

a. Organize region wide community service events.
b. Organize a community service project in line with the AMA-MSS's national service project to be held at the annual Region V meeting.
c. Prepare a session/workshop to be held at the annual region meeting.
d. The committee will consist of one Chair (Region Community Service Liason), one Vice-Chair, with total member cap determined by the Region Chair, Vice-Chair, and Committee Chair.


7.1 Region V shall meet at the Interim and Annual Meetings of the AMA-MSS. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair, as long as members are given 30 days written notice.

7.2 Davis Rules of Order shall be the governing parliamentary authority for all Regional meetings.

7.3 A quorum shall constitute ¼ of all active chapters within Region V provided that at least 3 states are represented.

a. The Chair shall have the power to declare those chapters that have missed 5 consecutive Meetings to be inactive for the purposes of quorum only.
b. Inactive chapters shall not count towards the total number of chapters when determining quorum.
c. A chapter shall become active automatically upon sending a delegate to any of the Region V meetings.


8.1 For the election of Region V positions above and amendments to these bylaws votes shall be appointed in accordance to the procedure voted in at the Region V Annual Meeting 2009.

a. Each school and/or satellite will be distributed one vote for every 100 students enrolled at their site. Any site with under 100 students will automatically be distributed 1 vote. Votes will be rounded up or down depending on whether the student enrollment is above or below the threshold, respectively. With exception of the first 100 students counted, votes will be rounded based on increments of 50. Greater than or equal to 50 students affords a full vote. Such as, 149 students = 1 vote, 150 students = 2 votes.
b. Votes will be distributed and based on student enrollment of the most recent data obtained by Region V for each site.
c. Each site must have a member present for each vote distributed. This will be checked at the beginning of voting procedures and periodically checked.
d. Delegates must be credentialed prior to the opening of the house on Saturday morning.
e. At least 50% of potential votes must be present to meet Region V quorum.

8.2 For decisions regarding Region V endorsement of candidates or resolutions a majority voting system shall be implemented.

a. Each site will be distributed placards at the beginning of voting procedures in accordance to the number of votes allotted, as stated in 8.1.
b. Region V will incorporate a unanimous support/oppose system. If all placards raised are in acceptance or against the motion proposed, members of Region V may speak at an assembly, RefCom, or other body of AMA members on behalf of Region V in support or opposition.
c. A Region V caucus will be organized by the Resolutions Committee at the Regional business meeting following the MSS Reference Committee at Annual or Interim. The results of this caucus will be emailed to the state chairs following the meeting. State chairs, Region V board members, and the Resolutions committee will meet prior to the MSS assembly the following morning to review the Reference Committee report. At this time, States chairs may change their vote if it is not in line with the revisions provided by the reference committee.

ARTICLE IX. Amendments

9.1 Proposed amendments to these bylaws must be posted to the Region V listserv ten (10) days prior to a vote to allow members time to contact their state chair in response.

9.2 Approval of any amendments requires approval by 4 of 5 state chair or the state's representative.

9.3 All amendments needed to bring these bylaws in compliance with those of the AMA and/or the AMA-MSS shall be automatic, and require neither vote nor discussion. The membership must be made aware of such changes by the Region Chair within ten (10) days.

ARTICLE X. Supremacy and Severability

10.1 These bylaws are superseded by the bylaws of the AMA-MSS and the AMA wherever conflict arises.

10.2 If any portion of these bylaws is found to be incompatible with the bylaws of the AMA and/or the AMA-MSS, such finding shall not affect any other portion of these bylaws.