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Region 3 Bylaws

Last updated November 2012

I. Name

1.1 The full name of this organization shall be Region III of the American Medical Association-Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS). It shall be referred to as Region III thereafter.

II. Purpose and Principles
2.1 The purpose of Region III shall be to facilitate medical student participation in the activities of the American Medical Association through adherence to the following principles:

  • to serve as an avenue of communication between member sections and the AMA-MSS;
  • to facilitate interaction, collaboration, and development of new and well established sections;
  • to have meaningful input into the decision and policy making process of the AMA;
  • to improve medical education, further professional excellence, and develop medical leadership;
  • to involve medical students in addressing and solving the problems of health care and health care delivery
  • to promote personal and professional ethics and a humanistic approach to the delivery of quality patient care;
  • to promote activity within organized medicine on the local, state, and national levels;
  • to work cooperatively with other student groups to meet these objectives.

III. Membership

3.1 Membership shall be limited to those medical students who attend allopathic or osteopathic schools in the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

3.2 Membership is further limited to those students mentioned in Rule 3.1 who are members in good standing of the AMA.

3.3 Terms of and the eligibility for the membership in the AMA shall be governed by the bylaws of the AMA.

3.4 No dues, beyond those paid to the AMA for their membership, shall be required to be a member of Region III.

3.5 Each section in the Region shall contribute annually for the purpose of funding the Region Meeting.

IV. Officers

4.1 Region III shall have the following Offices: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Recruitment Chair, and Community Service Chair.  These offices, in addition to the Immediate Past Chair, shall constitute the Region III Executive Committee.

4.1.1 Responsibilities of the Chair shall include:

  • Directing the activities and programs of Region III
  • Encourage the development of local MSS sections in educational programs accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) where local sections do not exist and the development of state MSS sections in states where they do not exist.
  • Encourage the organization of regional conferences as effective mechanisms of increasing communication among its members.
  • Endorse the maintenance of active and timely communication between Regional Delegates and Regional Chairs.
  • Presiding over the Meetings of the Region
  • Interpreting these Bylaws
  • Maintaining communication with the Governing Council (GC) of the AMA-MSS and State leaders
  • Representing the Region to other student groups both within and outside of the AMA
  • Supporting and actively working towards the purposes and principles of Region III as outlined in Section 2.1

4.1.2 Responsibilities of the Vice Chair shall include:

  • Overseeing the planning and execution of Region III Meetings.
  • Assisting the Chair in all of their duties
  • Assuming the Office of the Chair in the event of the Chair is unable to perform their duties until such time as the Chair is able to resume his or her duties

4.1.3 Responsibilities of the Secretary shall include:

  • Keeping minutes of the meetings
  • Serving as an official keeper of the bylaws
  • Serving as a key fundraiser and maintaining all financial records of Region III
  • Maintaining the Region III listserv and newsletter

4.1.4 Responsibilities of the Recruitment Chair

  • (To be determined at the next Region 3 meeting)

4.1.5 Responsibilities of the Community Service Chair

  • (To be determined at the next Region 3 meeting)

4.2 The term of Office shall be 1 year, commencing at the close of each Annual Meeting of the AMA-MSS. Following the end of term as Chair, the Chair shall become Immediate-Past Chair, with a term of service of five months, ending at the close of the subsequent Interim Meeting of the AMA-MSS.

4.3 During the interval between meetings of the AMA House of Delegates and the Region, the Executive Council shall act on behalf of the Region III in formulating decisions related to the development, administration, and implementation of student activities, programs, goals, and objectives. Region III shall be notified at least quarterly of actions taken by the Executive Council on its behalf.

4.4 The total length of service in these positions shall not exceed 2 years. A term of service of greater than 6 months shall count as a full year.

4.5 No more than three elected officers shall be from a single state.

4.5.1 The positions of Chair and Vice Chair may not be held by two individuals from a single state.

4.6 In case of vacancy in the Office of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall succeed. In case of vacancies in both Chair and Vice-Chair, the Secretary shall succeed as Chair. In case of vacancy in any offices, Region III shall elect a replacement at the next Meeting.

4.7 Rules 4.4 and 4.5 may be waived for an office, if the enforcement of the said rules would render all declared candidates for said office ineligible to serve.

4.8 In the event that an officer is not present to perform necessary duties, the responsibility shall fall to the next officer, in the order in which the offices are elected, pursuant to Rule 6.7.

V. Other Elected Officials

5.1 Region III shall elect at each Interim Meeting of the AMA-MSS such number of Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the AMA House of Delegates for which it qualifies under the AMA Bylaws.

5.2 The terms of these positions shall begin at the opening of the AMA-HOD Annual Meeting and the said term shall last for 1 year.

5.3 No person may stand for election to either of these positions, unless he presents a written endorsement of his or her state’s delegation to the AMA-HOD.

5.4 In no event shall more than one person from the same State assume the position of Delegate, and in no event shall more than two people from the same State be elected to either position of Delegate or Alternate Delegate.

5.5 No person may stand for election for the position of Delegate unless they have attended at least one AMA-MSS National Meeting, which may include the current meeting, at the time said election shall take place.

5.6 In the event of a vacancy in a regional delegate position, the linked alternate delegate as outlined in Rule 7.6 shall fill that vacancy. If the linked alternate delegate is unable to fill the position, one of the remaining Region III alternate delegates shall be eligible to fill a regional delegate vacancy unless none of the regional alternate delegates are available.

5.7 In the event of any remaining vacancies in a regional delegate or regional alternate delegate position at least 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, the Chair shall call a special election to fill that vacancy, for that meeting only, in accordance with these bylaws.

5.8 In the event of any remaining vacancies in a regional delegate or regional alternate delegate position less than 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, the following shall be considered to be the appropriate authority’ of Region III that is empowered to appoint a substitute delegate or alternate delegate, for that meeting only, as necessary:

  • first, the Region III Chair;
  • second, if the Region III Chair is unavailable, the Region III Vice Chair; and
  • next, if the Region III Chair and Vice Chair are unavailable the regional delegate that is predetermined by the Chair; and
  • finally, the Delegate of the Medical Student Section shall make the appointment to fulfill the vacancy.

5.9 The total length of service in these positions shall not exceed 2 years. A term of service of greater than 6 months shall count as a full year.

5.10 Rules 5.4 and 5.9 may be waived if through the enforcement of the said rules Region III would not be able to elect Delegates or Alternates to which it would otherwise be entitled.

5.11 Rule 5.3 may be postponed 30 days if through enforcement of said rule Region III would not be able to elect Delegates or Alternates to which it would otherwise be entitled.  Candidates who do not file the necessary paperwork in that 30 days would be removed from office with the office being filled in accordance with voting procedures set forth in these bylaws.

5.12 The Region Delegates shall, by majority vote, appoint a member of its regional delegation to the House of Delegates, either a Regional Delegate or an Alternate Regional Delegate, to serve in the capacity of Regional Delegation Chair.

5.13 The responsibilities of the Regional Delegation Chair shall include:

  • Assigning Regional Delegates to different Reference Committees.
  • Coordinating the replacement of absent Regional Delegates with present Alternate Regional Delegates and executing the Region’s plan to select replacement Delegates.
  • Taking attendance at House of Delegates meetings.
  • Mentoring and orient inexperienced Regional Delegates.
  • Fulfilling any other responsibilities assigned by the Region.

5.14 During the term of office all Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall take seats with their respective state delegations.

5.15 Any member of Region III can bring forth a motion to recall any elected Region representative. A majority vote at an official meeting of Region III carries forward the motion to recall. The actual vote to remove said individual shall occur at the next official meeting of Region III, which can be no less than 10 days after official notification (in writing) of the recall has been delivered to said individual. A ¾ majority vote in favor of removal is required for the individual to be removed from his/her position, and prior to this vote taking place the officer subject to recall shall be given the opportunity to speak before Region III on his/her behalf.

VI. Elections for Executive Council Offices

6.1 Each election shall be decided by the simple majority vote in accordance with the voting procedures set forth in these bylaws. In the event of more than two people contesting an office, with no candidate getting the requisite number of votes, a run-off vote shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

6.2 Each candidate may declare up to the point of election; however, only those candidates that declare by the date specified by the current Chair shall be able to post their CV and Personal Statement on the Region III listserv.

6.3 All candidates shall be restricted to distribution of their CV and personal statement. No other insignia or campaign materials shall be allowed. Travel to other State Meetings is expressly forbidden, unless a candidate also serves in such capacity that requires him or her to undertake such travel.

6.4 Candidates shall be given 2 minutes to speak and 2 minutes to answer questions to the membership of the Region III prior to the balloting.

6.5 The election for Chair, Secretary, Recruitment Chair, and Community Service Chair will take place once a year during the Region’s business meetings at AMA Annual Meeting.

6.6 The election for Vice Chair will take place at the scheduled Region Meeting prior to AMA Annual Meeting, and for the purposes of Rule 4.5, will be considered part of the Region Executive Committee elected in the subsequent AMA Annual Meeting.

6.7 Offices that are to be filled by election shall be filled according to the following order: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Recruitment Chair, and Community Service Chair.

6.7.1 If at any point in the election process, following the order established in Rule 6.7, a candidate’s election would cause a State’s number of officers to be in violation of Rule 4.5, that candidate shall be disqualified from running for the office, unless Rule 4.7 applies.

VII. Elections for Delegate/Alternate Delegate

Delegates shall be elected in accordance with the voting procedures outlined in these bylaws.

Rules 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 shall apply to the elections of Delegates/Alternates.

Candidates may run for either office. Unsuccessful candidates for Delegate may run in the election for subsequent positions as long as it is in adherence with Rule 5.4.

Candidates shall be elected by a simple majority vote. If no candidate garners adequate votes to claim a simple majority, a run-off shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

The ballots shall be cast in the following manner: each Delegate and Alternate Delegate position will be individually elected. All Delegate positions will be filled before election of Alternate Delegates.

The Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall be linked by random selection such that the Delegate and Alternate Delegate function as a working pair. In the case that one Delegate and one Alternate Delegate are elected from one state, the two positions shall automatically be linked.

VIII. Meetings

Region III shall meet at the Interim and Annual Meetings of the AMA-MSS and at least one additional time during the year at such time as designated by the Vice Chair.

Members shall be given 90 day notice of any Regional Meeting that occurs at time other than the Annual or Interim Meeting of the AMA-MSS.

IX. Quorum

One-third of all sections within Region III shall constitute a quorum provided that at least 3 states are represented.

The Chair shall have the power to declare those sections that have missed 5 consecutive Meetings to be inactive for the purposes of quorum only. Inactive sections shall not count towards the total number of sections when determining quorum. A section shall become active automatically upon sending a delegate to any of the Region III meetings.

X. Region Business

All decisions regarding Region business, its endorsements of candidates or resolutions, or any other matters shall be decided by a simple majority vote, unless otherwise specified in these bylaws.

XI. Voting

Each Medical School represented at the Region III meeting shall get one vote. Additionally each satellite campus shall get one vote. This shall hold for all elected positions, any resolutions introduced for Regional support, amendments to these bylaws, and any other business regarding the region.

Each school is free to decide in what manner its votes will be cast.

A satellite campus is defined as an administrative campus separate from the central campus where a minimum of 20 members of the student body are assigned for some portion of their instruction over a period of time not less than an academic year. Individuals voting under the satellite campus provisions must, at the time of the meeting, reside at the campus they will represent.

In the event of a tie the Chair shall cast the deciding vote. In the event the Chair should be absent or required to recuse themself due to a conflict of interest, the Vice-Chair shall cast the deciding vote. In the event both the Chair and Vice-Chair should be absent or required to recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest, the delegation of Regional Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall then cast votes with the decision being made by majority. The Delegation Chair shall have no vote during this process except in the case of a tie, at which point the Delegation Chair shall cast the deciding vote.

XII. Committees

The Chair shall jointly appoint such committees as they deem appropriate and necessary for the proper functioning of Region III.

The committees shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Chair and shall produce such reports as are requested of them by the Chair.

All committees shall be deemed dissolved at the close of each Annual Meeting of the AMA-MSS.

XIII. Parliamentary Authority

The parliamentary authority for Region III shall be The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.

XIV. Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by the vote of 2/3 of the Region III meeting pursuant to Rule 11.2.

All amendments shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the meeting and shall be posted on the Region III listserv.

All amendments needed to bring these bylaws in compliance with those of the AMA and/or the AMA-MSS shall be automatic, and require neither vote nor discussion. The membership must be made aware of such changes pursuant to Rule 4.6.

XV. Supremacy and Severability

These bylaws are superseded by the bylaws of the AMA-MSS and the AMA wherever conflict arises.

If any portion of these bylaws is found to be incompatible with the bylaws of the AMA and/or the AMA-MSS, such finding shall not affect any other portion of these bylaws.