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Region 1 Bylaws

I. Name

1.1 The full name of this organization shall be Region I of the American Medical Association-Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS). It shall be referred to as Region I thereafter.

II. Purpose and Principles

2.1   The purpose of the Medical Student Section shall be to provide medical student participation in the activities of the American Medical Association (AMA) through adherence to the following principles:

  • to have meaningful input into the decision and policymaking process of the AMA;
  • to improve medical education and to further professional excellence;
  • to involve medical students in addressing and solving the problems of health care and health care delivery and to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information;
  • to develop medical leadership;
  • to initiate and effect necessary change;
  • to promote high personal and professional ethics, and a humanistic approach to the delivery of quality patient care;
  • to promote activity within organized medicine on the local, state, and national levels;
  • to work cooperatively with other student groups to meet these objectives.

III. Membership

3.1   Membership shall be limited to those medical students who attend medical allopathic or osteopathic schools in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

3.2   The membership is further limited to those students mentioned in 3.1 who are members in good standing of the AMA.

3.3   Terms of and the eligibility for the membership in the AMA shall be governed by the bylaws of the AMA.

3.4    No dues in addition to those paid to the AMA shall be required to be a member.

IV. Officers

4.1    Region I shall have the following Officers: Chair, and Vice-Chair, Secretary, Recruitment, Social,  Service, and Policy, referred to from here on as the Executive Council.

4.2 Responsibilities of the Chair shall include:

  • Presiding over the Meetings of the Region
  • Ensuring compliance with these Bylaws
  • Maintaining communication with the Governing Council (GC) of the AMA-MSS
  • Maintaining communication with state and school leaders
  • Representing the Region to other student groups both within and outside of the AMA

4.3 Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair shall include:

  • Assisting with the duties of the Chair
  • Serving as an Official Keeper of the Bylaws
  • Assuming the Office of the Chair in case of the Chair’s inability to serve until such time as the Chair may resume the office.

4.4 Responsibilites of the Secretary shall include:

  • Keeping Minutes of the Meetings
  • Keeping Minutes of the Conference Calls
  • Creating a quarterly Regional newsletter
  • Maintaining financial records for Region I

4.5   The term for the Chair shall be 3 meetings: one as Chair-elect at the annual meeting, one as Chair at the interim meeting, and one as outgoing Chair at the following annual meeting.  The Chair shall be elected at the AMA-MSS Annual Meeting, to occur every spring.

4.6   The Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be elected at each AMA-MSS Annual Meeting.  The roles of Recruitment Chair, Social Chair, Service Chair, and Policy Chair will be available for election at the AMA Annual Meeting.  If they are not filled at this meeting they will be filled by appointmnet by the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.

4.7   The role the appointed members of the board will be delineated by each Region Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

4.8   The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall direct the programs and activities of the Region I. During the interval between meetings of the AMA House of Delegates and the Region, the Officers shall act on behalf of the Region I in formulating decisions related to the development, administration, and implementation of student activities, programs, goals, and objectives. Region I shall be notified at least quarterly of actions taken by the Officers on its behalf.

4.9    In case of vacancy in the Office of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall succeed. In case of vacancy in the Office of Vice-Chair, Region I shall elect a replacement at the next Meeting. In case of vacancies in both Offices, the Region I shall elect both Officers at the next Meeting.

V. Other Elected Officials

5.1   Region I shall elect at each Interim Meeting of the AMA-MSS such number of Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the AMA House of Delegates as it qualifies for under the AMA Bylaws.

5.2   The term of Office shall begin at the opening of the AMA-HOD Annual Meeting at which time, the Delegates and Alternates shall take seats with their State delegations, and the said term shall last for 1 year.

5.3    No person may stand for election to either of these Offices without a written endorsement of his State’s delegation to the AMA-HOD.

5.4    Each state is entitled to a maximum of one Regional Delegate, unless the number of states represented by candidates who have filed before the deadline is less than the number of Regional Delegate positions allotted to the region. If there are not enough candidates registered by the registration deadline for election to Regional Delegate, a state may have a maximum of Two Regional Delegates from a single state. A state may not have more than a total of four Delegates and Alternate Delegates elected unless this provision would result in an inability to fill all the positions allotted to the region by the candidates who have filed by the deadline.

5.5    No person may stand for election for the office of Delegate unless he has attended at least one AMA-MSS National Meeting prior to the Meeting at which the said election shall take place unless no such candidate stands for election.

5.7    In the event of a vacancy in a medical student regional delegate position, one of the Region I alternate delegates shall fill that vacancy, and only Region I alternate delegates shall be eligible to fill a regional delegate vacancy unless none of the regional alternates are available.

5.8    In the event of a vacancy in a regional delegate or regional alternate delegate position at least 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, the Chair shall call a special election to fill that vacancy, for that meeting only, in accordance with these bylaws.

5.9    In the event of a vacancy in a regional delegate or regional alternate delegate position less than 30 days before an Annual or Interim meeting, the following shall be considered to be the ‘appropriate authority’ of Region I that is empowered to appoint a substitute delegate or alternate delegate, for that meeting only, as necessary:

  • first, the region Chair;
  • second, if the region Chair is unavailable, the region Vice-Chair; and
  • next, if the region Chair and Vice-Chair are unavailable, the regional delegate that is predetermined by the Chair; and
  • finally, the Delegate of the Medical Student Section shall make the appointment to fulfill the vacancy.

5.10  Rule 5.4 may be waived if through the enforcement of the said rules Region I would not be able to seat Delegates or Alternates to which it would otherwise be entitled.

VI. Elections for Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary

6.1   Each election shall be decided by the simple majority vote in accordance with the voting procedures set forth in these bylaws. In the event of more than two people contesting an office, with no candidate getting the requisite number of votes, a run-off vote shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

6.2   Each candidate may declare up to the deadline stipulated by the then chair unless there are inadequate candidates to fill available roles. The deadline may not be earlier than the opening ceremonies of the current AMA-MSS meeting.

6.3   Candidates may run for either office. Unsuccessful candidates for Chair may run in the election for Vice Chair, which shall be held immediately following the election for Chair.

6.4   All candidates shall be restricted to distribution of their CV and personal statement. No other insignia or campaign materials shall be allowed. Campaigning at other State Meetings is expressly forbidden.

6.5   Candidates shall be given 2 minutes to speak and 2 minutes to answer questions to the membership od the Region I prior to the balloting.

VII. Election for Delegate/Alternate Delegate

7.1   Delegates shall be elected in accordance with the voting procedures outlined in these bylaws.

7.2   Rules 6.2, 6.4, and 6.5 shall apply to the elections of Delegates/Alternates.

7.3   If two candidates from the same State receive enough votes to be elected Delegates, pursuant to Rule 5.4, the person with more votes shall become Delegate and the person with fewer votes shall become Alternate Delegate.

7.4   Votes shall be cast by the delegate and alternate delegate from each school. Each voter may select the maximum number of candidates in regard to available delegate positions. Each voter may vote for an individual only once on his or her ballot. Each individual receiving the most votes will be named delegate in vote order, unless ineligible for the position of Delegate pursuant to clause 5.4, in which case such individual shall be named Alternate Delegate if there exists an open such position, or, if not, shall be ineligible for election. Selection under this process shall cease when all positions of Delegate and Alternate Delegate are filled.

7.5   The Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall be linked by random selection such that the Delegate and Alternate Delegate function as a working pair. In the case that one Delegate and Alternate Delegate are elected from one state, the two positions shall be automatically linked.

7.6   Candidates for Delegate and Alternate Delegate may not run from the floor unless the number of candidates who have filed before the deadline is not sufficient to fill all of the available seats.

7.7   Candidates who run from the floor under clause 7.6 may only run for election to positions that cannot be filled by those candidates who filed by the deadline under clause 5.4.

7.8   The election of candidates who run from the floot under clause 7.6 shall not be subject to the state-based restrictions in Section V.

VIII. Meetings

8.1   Region I shall meet at the Interim and Annual Meetings of the AMA-MSS and at one additional time during the year at such time as designated by the Chair.

8.2   Members shall be given 30 days notice of the Regional Meeting that occurs at a time other than the Annual or Interim Meeting of the AMA-MSS.

8.3   Nothing in this Section shall be construed as prohibiting meetings on a more frequent basis.

IX. Quorum

9.1   Quorum will be considered met at all annual and interim meetings at times and locations stipulated in the official meeting guide regardless of attendance.

9.2   Quorum will be considered met at all meetings in which all interested parites were given notice 21 days in advance, and were allotted opportunity for verbal or written input.