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Plan a Region Meeting

Thank you for your interest in planning an AMA-MSS region meeting. Region meetings represent an excellent opportunity to promote regional cohesiveness and to increase the visibility of the AMA-MSS at the region, state, and local levels. Region meetings are also a great way to introduce first-timers to the AMA.

Planning Resources

The AMA-MSS Region Meeting Planner gives you all of the information you need to plan and implement a successful region meeting. The Planner covers a wide range of topics, including where to hold your meeting, how to find speakers, how to publicize your meeting, and much more.


Each AMA-MSS region is eligible to receive a grant of up to $1,000 to help fund its yearly region meeting. Funding is contingent on submission of a completed Region Meeting Proposal Form to the AMA Department of Medical Student Services at least 60 days before the meeting.


The AMA-MSS is here to help you plan your meeting. Please contact Ashley Cummings with any questions about aspects of meeting planning or about the Region Meeting Proposal Form.

You may also want to consider contacting other AMA-MSS region leaders, or members of the AMA-MSS Governing Council, many of whom have in the past served in region leadership roles and helped plan region meetings.