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HOD Regional Delegates

Regional Delegates and Alternate Delegates represent the interests of medical students in the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) and provide medical students the opportunity to participate in the policy-making process and impact the issues on which the AMA advocates. Regional Delegates are full voting members of the HOD and are seated with their state caucuses.

Regional Delegates and Alternates are elected for one-year terms at each AMA-MSS Interim Meeting. Each MSS Region elects its own Delegates/Alternates according to guidelines established by the Regions (see Region Web pages for Bylaws).


At the 2000 AMA Interim Meeting, the AMA HOD adopted the recommendations of BOT Report 19, which created the Medical Student Regional Delegate positions. The first Regional Delegates and Alternate Delegates were elected at the 2001 Interim Meeting and began service on their respective state delegations at the 2002 Annual Meeting.

Current Representation

Regional Delegates are allocated to each region at a rate of one Delegate per 2,000 total AMA student members. The number of Delegates allocated to each region in a given calendar year is determined using the most recent year-end membership numbers. For every 2000 student members, a region is allocated 1 Delegate. Any additional delegates for which the MSS is entitled are allocated to the regions with the greatest remainder of student members following the 2000:1 allocation ratio.

Because RDs/ADs are elected in November of each year (at the AMA-MSS Interim Meeting), the most recent numbers available are those from two years before the year in which the RDs/ADs will actually serve. For example, the number of allocated Delegates for 2014 was determined using YE2012 membership figures.

Resources for Regional Delegates

Regional Delegate Guide
The Regional Delegate Guide includes valuable information for new Regional Delegates and Alternates, including a list of responsibilities, information on how Regional Delegates interact with the AMA-MSS Delegate and the AMA-MSS HOD Coordinating Committee, and tips on how to provide effective testimony to HOD reference committees.

2014 Regional Delegate and Alternate Delegate roster

AMA-MSS HOD Coordinating Committee Web page