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Student Leaders and Medical Student Services Staff Information

Information for student leaders

Medical Student Services AMA staff

AMA Department of Medical Student Services
330 North Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Ill. 60611-5885

Phone: (800) 262-3211
E-mail: mss@ama-assn.org

MSS staff members and responsibilities:

Rebecca Gierhahn, x4753
E-mail: rebecca.gierhahn@ama-assn.org

Helen Polansky, x4746
Program Coordinator
E-mail: helen.polansky@ama-assn.org

  • Meeting registration
  • Medical Student Services General information

Ashley Cummings, x4742
Program Administrator
E-mail: ashley.cummings@ama-assn.org

  • Section Involvement Grants
  • Annual, Interim, Region, and Governing Council Meetings
  • Listservs

Andrea Preisler x4745
Policy Analyst
E-mail: andrea.preisler@ama-assn.org

  • AMA and MSS Policies and Procedures
  • Reports and Resolutions
  • Advocacy materials

For all membership related inquiries (address changes, JAMA, membership card, etc.), please contact our membership department at msc@ama-assn.org.