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NSP Event Highlights

Chapter Event of the Month

University of Michigan Medical School

The AMA Chapter at the University of Michigan Medical School not only prides itself on its involvement at the regional and national level of the AMA-MSS but also on the unique activities it plans at the chapter level. In December, the University of Michigan AMA-MSS chapter helped organize and sponsored a Chinese cooking class to broaden its horizons during “Wellness Week." The University of Michigan dedicates certain weeks throughout the year to focus on activities that will increase the mental, physical, and social health of the medical students by organizing stress relieving activities.

By contributing to the “Wellness Weeks," the UMMS-AMA chapter capitalized specifically on its school’s Nutritional Health Wellness Week by planning a culturally enlightening, healthy, and fun event. During the cooking class, a dozen medical students learned the basics of Chinese cuisine, culminating in the production of three tofu dishes. This is the second time the chapter has sponsored the event and because of its success, they hope to repeat the event next year. 

The University of Michigan chapter is continuing its unique activity planning by organizing a Teddy Bear Clinic in early March. Local children will bring in a teddy bear, or other beloved toy, to go through organized stations that highlight basic hygiene, first aid, and healthy living tips. By partnering with an Ann Arbor elementary school and the YMCA, the Teddy Bear Clinic is hoping to accommodate up to 100 students for the hands-on educational event.

Past Chapter Events

More than 50 AMA-MSS Chapters have already organized NSP events this year.

What will your chapter do this year? Review the AMA-MSS NSP Event Planning Guide for more project ideas and to learn about resources, including grants, available to help you organize and implement a successful NSP event.

Other NSP Events

2009 AMA-MSS Interim Meeting
The AMA-MSS officially kicked-off its 2009-2011 National Service Project at the 2009 AMA-MSS Interim Meeting in Houston by hosting a health fair at the George R. Brown Convention Center. More than 35 medical student volunteers provided basic health screenings for over 100 adults and educated many more on CPR and stroke, resources for the uninsured, and the four key behaviors of the Program - poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and risky use of alcohol.

2010 AMA-MSS Interim Meeting
The AMA-MSS continued its National Service Project by hosting a “Health and Fitness Fun” event at the Mid-City Gym Recreational Center in San Diego. Medical student volunteers engaged community members in exercise and health education activities aimed to teach them about the AMA Healthier Life Steps™ program, which focuses on four key health behaviors: poor diet, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use.

Register Your NSP Event

Registering your event is integral to the success of the National Service Project! If you're planning an NSP event, please register it with the AMA-MSS so that we can publicize your efforts on our Web site. Your event could very well serve as an example for other chapters to replicate!