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Project Ideas

Are you interested in organizing a service project in your community? Or planning an educational program at your school for your peers? Let us help you! The AMA-MSS offers many resources to get you started in organizing a community service project or educational program at your school. The MSS has compiled abstracts of projects that other schools just like yours have held on topics such as obesity, residency, medical liability and much more. These project ideas will get you started as you are developing your own program. All of these projects were funded in part by the Section Involvement Grants offered by the MSS. For more information on these projects, contact the MSS Program Administrator.

More Project Ideas

Another good resource for project ideas is the AMA Alliance's Project Bank, which contains over 500 projects that have been conducted by state and county Alliances throughout the country. The projects range from Adolescent/Teen/Child Health to Substance Abuse.

Each month, a medical student section will be chosen for the Event of the Month Award based on their project. To be eligible for the award, sections must submit a follow-up form and photos within 30 days of the event.