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Cover the Uninsured Week: Here's Your Part!

Each AMA-MSS chapter is encouraged to organize at least one CTUW event each year. What will your chapter do this year? Follow the tips below to plan a great event.

Plan an event at your chapter

1. Pick a project
The AMA-MSS Community Service Committee has developed a number of modules to help you organize a Cover the Uninsured Week (CTUW) event in your community:

2. Get funding
MSS chapters are eligible for up to $1,000 in Chapter Involvement Grant (CIG) funding per academic year to support recruitment and community service projects, including Cover the Uninsured events. Take advantage of this great opportunity and apply for a CIG to cover the cost of your CTUW event. Be sure to submit your CIG application at least 30 days before your event.

3. Get materials for your event
The CTU Web site is a great source of free materials for your CTUW event. Be sure to order materials at least two weeks in advance of your event.

4. Publicize your event
Be sure to use the AMA-MSS Cover the Uninsured Week Media Advisory Template to craft a press release for your event. You can find your local media contact info by clicking on http://capwiz.com/ama/home/, entering your ZIP code in "Media Guide," and then clicking on the media organization of choice for website/address/email/phone/fax information.

5. Register your event
Registering your event is integral to the success of CTUW!

Need help planning an event?

There are many people willing and able to help you plan your CTUW event and make it a success.

  • Local CTUW event coordinators are available to help you plan your event. Event coordinators can tell you what events are already planned in your area and help you with materials, ideas, and possibly even event speakers.
  • Remember, you can always contact the AMA-MSS with any questions or concerns.

Can't plan your own event but still want to participate in CTUW?

Cover the Uninsured Week is a nationwide effort that extends beyond student-planned campus events. In fact, there are many corporations and organizations involved in CTUW, and local members of these groups often have separate campaigns. Thus, even if your school or hospital has not organized any events, there are still many ways to get involved.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Go to http://covertheuninsured.org/events/ and click on your state.
  • Look over the local/regional events in your area and decide which one(s) you’d like to attend.
  • Contact the listed contact person for more information about the event.
  • Attend the event(s). Remember to bring along as many of your fellow medical students as you can.