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Observership Programs

Bridgeport Family Medicine

Bridgeport Family Medicine is an outpatient primary and urgent care facility located in the heart of Bridgeport, CT. We offer primary care and same-day appointments for walk-in and urgent-care needs. Our clinic also offers physical exams for DOT, immigration, schools, and colleges. We also offer travel vaccines and drug testing. We specialize in tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella - just to name a few.

​Due to our location and scope of practice we are a busy practice and see a very diverse patient population. We offer full-scope family medicine and pride ourselves for our continued community involvement and outreach. We are dedicated to educating our patients and students.

The rotation is a 4-week opportunity to get real, hands on, outpatient American healthcare experience. The rotation may be extended to a maximum of 3 months. The program is run and precepted by Dr. Awais Malik, a board certified family medicine physician with over 12 years of practice and experience in teaching. Dr. Malik is also an attending physician at Yale New Haven Hospital, Bridgeport Hospital, and Norwalk Hospital. Dr. Malik will furnish a letter of recommendation and certificate of completion to those who complete this observership.

Please visit our website at www.theamericanextern.com to apply today.

For further inquiries, please direct all correspondence to Dr. Malik at: theamericanextern@gmail.com

Somerset Family Medicine

Somerset Family Medicine American Observership program is an outpatient program that concentrate on training IMG, nurse practitioner students and medical students to learn the American health system. Our program will allow you to:

  • Learn Electronic Medical Record.
  • Learn how to interview a patient and do physical exam
  • Get lectures on common medical problems
  • Learn how to do vitals, EKG, UA and PFT.
  • Attend evening conferences.

Rotation is one month with the option to do up to 3 months. Student will receive certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation. The program is taught by Dr. Neil Jaddou, M.D.; board certified family medicine and a professor of Family Medicine at Wayne State University and Oakland Beaumont Medical School.

To apply visit our website at www.americanexternship.com any question please e-mail the preceptor info@drjaddou.com.

Drexel Medicine® Physician Refresher/Re-Entry Preceptorship

Drexel University College of Medicine has a tuition based structured preceptorship/observership for IMGs preparing for a US residency offered in six-week rotations. We have Preceptorships in internal medicine, pediatrics, Ob-GYN, surgery, and anesthesia.

During the Structured Preceptorship, the observer (observer only, no hands on) participates in inpatient and outpatient rounds, core conferences, lectures and learns about integrative, high quality medical care in the United States . Inpatient and outpatient experiences, in various subspecialties, are scheduled to meet your interests and professional development needs. Rotations are all at the MAIN UNIVERSITY campus in Philadelphia. In addition to inpatient and outpatient rounds you will attend didactics - morning reports, noon reports, grand rounds, and clinical case discussions. You also have a series of homework assignments to hone in on medical knowledge, clinical reasoning, and communication skills. Every week you meet with your preceptor to review the exercises and receive feedback on your progress. At the end of the course, we write a final letter stating your accomplishments in the course. We ask for feedback from the various faculty you have worked with and include their thoughts on this final letter. Often, trainees taking our course have this letter sent to ERAS.

The course starts on the first Monday of every month and is first come first served. The application process takes 4-6 weeks. You may take the course for 6 or 12 weeks. Participation in this course does not guarantee you will obtain a residency; however, several past participants were successful obtaining a residency spot. I strongly suggest that you talk with a residency director to see if this opportunity will improve your competiveness.

Our office and alumni often provide guidance for career pursuits.

For more details please see the website or call (215) 762-2580.

American Association of Physicians of Indian origin (AAPI) Clinical Observership Program

The primary purpose of this Observership will be to familiarize the new IMGs with the style of practice of American Medicine (the methodology, language and phrases commonly used; the method of dealing with patients, nurses, physicians & hospitals; ordering lab, X-rays, other tests, etc.).

Interested candidates can apply by using below listed application along with the necessary documentation, giving details of the educational background, visa status, details of USMLEs, areas of interest, preferred geographic location, and 1-3 letters of reference by practicing physician in US. There will be a nominal processing fee, and once selected candidates will be scheduled to rotate with 4 different preceptors, 3 weeks each, for total 12 weeks period. Upon successful completion of the program, AAPI and local chapter will obtain the evaluation forms from the precepting physicians and candidates will be awarded Certificate of Completion.

AAPI or local chapter will not pay any salary or stipend to the observers. Lodging, boarding and transportation will be the responsibility of the candidate. For more information and to fill out the application visit the AAPI website today.

Education for Physicians

Allegheny International Services collaborates with internationally based providers of healthcare to cultivate relationships that support educational enrichment in areas of shared interest. Allegheny General has an established physician exchange program whose participants come from countries all over the world to take part in educational and research training programs.

Internationally trained physicians are invited and welcome to participate in all continuing medical education activities in the various specialty areas. Visiting international physicians who participate in special education and research programs, as well as formal residencies and fellowships, are eligible for membership in the International Medical Faculty of Allegheny General. An affiliation status with Allegheny General begins upon the return to their home country after the completion of a program sponsored by AGH.

International Observership Program

Allegheny General and West Penn hospitals host observers from around the world. The International Observership Program lasts approximately four weeks. This program was designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, physiotherapists, technologists, technicians and health administrators.

The observership is a specific exchange program in which the observer accompanies the medical staff through their daily hospital routine, sharing experiences with doctors, residents, staff and students.

The duties of the participant include the observation of the clinical care of patients, as appropriate as well as participation in lectures, grand round and other related events. Observers receive no privileges to participate in the clinical treatment of patients to assist in any medical procedures, test or surgeries, nor do they receive academic credit. Their role is specifically defined as observer.

For inquiries about international educational opportunities available through Allegheny General, call International Services (412) 359-5269 or e-mail: aghint@wpahs.org

All questions and inquiries will be received and answered by email.