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AMA-IMG Previous Meetings Highlights

AMA-IMG Section Policy

Previous Meeting Actions and Schedules

2015 Interim Meeting
2015 Annual Meeting
2014 Interim Meeting
2014 Annual Meeting
2013 Annual Meeting
2012 Interim Meeting
2012 Annual Meeting
2011 Interim Meeting
2011 Annual Meeting
2010 Interim Meeting
2010 Annual Meeting
2009 Interim Meeting
2009 Annual Meeting
2008 Annual Meeting

AMA-IMG Section members convened a number of events to focus on key international medical graduate issues, network with colleagues and hone leadership skills. At the Congress, attendees heard from James Thompson, MD, president and chief executive officer of the Federation of State Medical Boards. Congress attendees also voted to ratify the IMG GC officer selections and the newly revised international operating procedures. The Caucus featured a candidates forum and a discussion on the future of the Section. Saturday evening ended on a sweet note, with the Desserts From Around World Reception featuring a vast assortment of international desserts to sample. This event was co-sponsored by more than 15 medical organizations, and attendance was well over 350 people.

AMA-IMG Section events concluded with the inaugural Busharat Ahmad, MD, Leadership Development Program. This program featured, Dr. Ronald M. Davis, AMA President, who shared his ingredients for leadership. The program ended with an interactive roundtable discussion when attendees shared their successes and lessons learned on their quest for leadership positions.

2007 Annual & Interim Meetings

The AMA-IMG Section brought together IMG physicians in a number of venues to discuss several issues of importance. AMA-IMG Congress attendees heard an information-packed presentation from Stephen Seeling, JD, from the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) on undergraduate medical education migration trends. The AMA-IMG Caucus provided an additional opportunity for attendees to caucus on items of business before the House of Delegates (HOD), hear organizational reports and discuss other issues of concern such as proportional IMG representation in the HOD. The Caucus also featured guest speaker Gerard Dillon, PhD, from the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) who provided an update on the comprehensive review of the USMLE. Attendees were encouraged to actively participate in the AMA-IMG Section by signing up for one or more committee workgroups.

The AMA-IMG Section Disposition of Actions from the 2007 AMA Interim Meeting

IMG Section Summary of Actions from the June 2007 Annual Meeting

2006 Annual & Interim Meetings
2005 Annual & Interim Meetings