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Mock Residency Interview Program (MRIP)

The American Medical Association International Medical Graduates Section will be holding Mock Residency Interviews for medical graduates going through the 2015 match process. We will be matching potential residents to a current resident or an established physician for a mock residency interview. Please contact Stephanie Groeninger with any questions at stephanie.groeninger@ama-assn.org or call her at (312)-464-5041.

Mock Residency Interviews Available!

Are you training for residency interviews?
We are accepting a limited number of requests from medical graduates who have interviews scheduled for the 2015 match process. Interviews may be conducted in person, via Skype or via telephone with a current resident, fellow or established physician. Guidelines and expectations, along with sample interview questions and interview instructions, will be provided to the interviewee and the volunteer interviewer prior to the interview.

Registration is closed for the 2015 Match season. 

Mock Residency Interview Volunteers Needed!

By becoming a volunteer interviewer this fall/winter you can make a meaningful impact on the candidates' outlook of themselves as applicants. To match the most medical graduates through our program, we need as many volunteer interviewers as possible. Volunteer interviewers can conduct their mock interviews in person, via Skype or via telephone—whichever is most convenient for you and the prospective resident. Guidelines and expectations, along with sample questions and interview instructions, will be emailed to both the volunteer interviewer and the interviewee prior to the interview.

Won't you use your knowledge and experience to help candidates succeed? If you are interested in conducting a mock residency interview with a prospective resident, register online for the Mock Residency Interview Program.