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AMA Services for IMGs FAQs

Q. What services does the AMA provide through its IMG Section?

A. It is very important to understand the way in which the AMA provides support to IMG issues and understand that the AMA is unable to offer individualized assistance to IMGs or to any segment of physicians, for that matter. The AMA's primary focus is to establish policy for all matters concerned with health care, through the mechanism of the House of Delegates, and to make certain that all policy carries into programs and legislative efforts. All issues are thoroughly debated in the House of Delegates which is why it is very important for IMGs to be represented, and be AMA members. Otherwise they have no input into AMA policy decisions. Beyond that, there are not adequate resources for assistance to individuals. Additionally, Internal Revenue Service regulations prohibit the AMA from undertaking any activity that would benefit of an individual member. The AMA is a democratic organization that creates and implements policy on medical issues, both scientific and socio-economic; it does not provide individual services to its members.

Q. Does the AMA recommend any foreign medical schools and is there any organization that accredits medical schools throughout the world?

A. The AMA does not accredited, approve or rank medical schools outside the United States nor is there any organization that accredits medical schools throughout the world. However, it is important to know that ECFMG certification requires that a medical school must be listed in the current edition of the International Medical Education Directory published by the ECFMG’s Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.

Refer to Medical School and Residency on the AMA Web site to research graduate and medical education programs, access educational resources about becoming a physician and tools to help guide your career path. This site provides valuable resources and information on medical schools and medical education issues and policies. The Association of American Medical Schools (AAMC) website is another good resource which includes the U.S. medical school directory and admission requirements.

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Q. How do I verify that a doctor graduated from medical school in a foreign country?

A. The AMA uses a Masterfile to find a doctor. We will pull a list of up to 50 physicians for these kinds of requests that include the physician name, address and telephone number (if we have one). We do charge for this service, and require a signed license agreement indicating that they will only use the data for the intended purposes. Please refer these calls to Derek Smart, AMA Data Release Manager, (312) 464-4825 or email Derek.Smart@ama-assn.org.