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State Licensure Requirements for IMGs

All state licensing jurisdictions require a graduate of a foreign medical school to complete at least one year of accredited U.S. or Canadian graduate medical education before licensure. However, 14 states require two years and 29 states require three years of accredited graduate medical education. Illinois requires two years of graduate medical education for IMGs entering training programs after January 1, 1988. The requirement for each state can be found at State Licensure Board Requirements for IMGs.

Licensure exemptions are made through recognition of Eminence in Medical Education Practice or physicians appointed to a medical faculty. These exemptions are issued only in a handful of states and granted under limited circumstances.

All information should be verified with state licensing boards. Medical licenses are granted to those physicians meeting all state requirements and are at the discretion of the board.

Model state resolution for licensure parity 

AMA policies related to state licensure requirements for IMGs
H-255.982 Equality in Licensure and Reciprocity.
H-275.935 Licensure of IMGs.
H-275.955 Physician Licensure Legislation.
H-275.978 Medical Licensure.
H-275.957 Changing the Grading Policy for Medical Licensure Examinations.
275.994 Facilitating Credentialing for State Licensure
255.997 Alternate Licensure Protocols for IMGs

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