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Promoting Opportunities for Residency Training

AMA policies related to promoting opportunities in residency training for IMGs

  • H-310.962 Residency Programs Prejudiced Against Applicants with Ethnic Names.
  • H-275.957 Changing the Grading Policy for Medical Licensure Examinations.
  • H-255.934 Alternatives to the Federation of State Medical Board Recommendations on Licensure
  • H-275.960 Postgraduate Training Requirements of Obtaining Permanent Medical Licensing
  • H-255.991 Visa Complications for IMGs in Graduate Medical Education
  • H-255.998 Penalities for Discrimination Against IMGs Seeking Residency Positions
  • H-255.988 Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Foreign Medical Graduates

AMA reports and/or documents related to promoting opportunities in residency training for IMGs
In the January 2004 issue of the GME E-letter, it was reported that the AMA will work to minimize the time it takes for international medical graduates (IMGs) to obtain visas to participate in GME or practice medicine in the United States.

Visa delays have caused some programs to scramble while waiting for IMGs to arrive, reported delegates at the AMA Interim Meeting in Hawaii. Some observers worry that continued delays will make IMGs less attractive candidates for residency slots. Read more.

AMA online resources
FREIDA online - Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database - Provides information in accredited residency and fellowship programs in the United States.