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AMA Working for IMGs

The IMG Section works to advocate for issues that impact IMGs. The following links provide relevant AMA reports, issue briefs, and AMA policies related to those issues.

Commission to End Health Care Disparities IMG representatives named
Vijaya Appareddy, MD has been named the IMG representative for the Commission to End Health Care Disparities. Sabesan Karuppiah, MD, MPH is serving as the alternative representative. Learn more about the Commission to End Health Care Disparities.

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This AMA e-mail newsletter is sent weekly to IMGs. The AMA Wire informs IMGs about meetings and events, leadership applications and awards, up-to-date information from the IMG Section, current events in the healthcare industry, and much more!

State licensure requirements for IMGs
AMA policies, reports and related documents for state licensure rules for IMGs.

Equality in Examinations for IMGs
AMA issue briefs, policies and related reports and documents on equality in examinations for international medical graduate students.

Immigration policies for IMGs
AMA policies, issues, and related documents and reports related to immigration issues for International Medical Graduates.

Promoting opportunities for residency training
AMA reports, policies and related documents to promote opportunities in residency training for international medical graduates.

Helping Underserved Communities
AMA Policies, documents, reports and an issue brief on underserved communities.

IMG Representation in AMA and Organized Medicine
AMA policies, reports and briefs on International Medical Graduates in the AMA and in organized medicine.

Physician Workforce Planning
AMA Physician workforce policies, reports and related documents for International Medical Graduates.

Credentials Verification
News articles, policies, briefs, and reports on IMG credentials verification.

Excerpts from the AMA Policy Compendium related to IMGs
AMA policy related to international medical graduate.

Residency Position Resources
AMA IMG section list of websites that post open residency positions.