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2015 AMA-IMGS Governing Council Election

AMA IMG-Section members are invited to cast their votes for the candidates being considered in the 2015 IMGS Governing Council election. A SurveyMonkey invitation will be sent to AMA-IMG Section members who have provided their e-mail addresses to the AMA.

There are three vacancies (two regular positions and one resident/fellow position). Regular Governing Council positions carry a three-year term. The resident/fellow position has a two-year term.

View the candidates being nominated for the IMG Section Governing Council. Their biosketch may be found at the links below.

Get engaged with your IMG Section and help us to select the next 2015-2018 IMG Governing Council members. IMG Section members will be allowed to vote once during the election period: April 2 – 22nd. Your votes and opinions are important to the IMG Section.

Nominees for Regular Governing Council Positions: (you will be asked to vote for two candidates)

Resident/Fellow Candidate

  • Subhash Chandra, MD (Incumbent)