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2014-2015 AMA-IMG Section Committees

I. Advocacy, Rashi Aggarwal, MD, Chair; E-mail: aggarwra@umdnj.edu

A. Resolutions and Reports:

Chair: June-Anne Gold, MD, Email: june.anne.gold@gmail.com


  • Develop at least 3 well-written and researched reports or resolutions for the Interim and Annual HOD meetings.
  • Identify two issues that require AMA IMGS advocacy efforts

2. Research, Development & Publications:

Chair: Sumir Sahgal, MD, Email: ssahgal@essenmed.com


  • Effectively lead the survey discussions and analyses
  • Review Physician Workforce Paper and ECFMG-certified survey for possible publishing ideas or proposals

3. Graduate Medical Education

Chair: Rashi Aggarwal, MD, E-mail: aggarwra@umdnj.edu
Co-Chair: Lt. Colonel Ronit Katz, MD, WPS Liaison, E-mail: rkatz1@standford.edu


Work with the Council on Medical Education Subcommittee on Graduate Medical Education to assist with the following:

  • Advance the GME efforts of the IMG section
  • Work to ensure that IMGs continue to obtain GME positions now and in the future
  • Direct GME effort at state and federal level
  • Work to raise grassroots awareness of the GME problem at grassroots level

II. Nominating Committee:

Chair: Padmini Ranasinghe, MD, Email: padmini@jhmi.edu


  • Recruit a diverse pool of candidates for the IMGS GC elections.
  • Present a diverse slate for the 2015 IMGS GC online ballot.

III. Section Events, Busharat Ahmad, MD, Chair, E-mail: busharat@gmail.com

A. Liaison Committee for Internal & External Relationships, Chair: Bhushan Pandya, MD, Email: bhpmd2004@yahoo.com


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop a liaison relationship with at external IMG groups (states, specialties, or ethnic associations) and internal Sections and Special Groups of the AMA
  • Create 1 new IMG Section/Committee in at least 1 state that does not have one.

B. Leadership Development Program, Chair: Padmini Ranasinghe, MD; Email: Padmini@jhmi.edu


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop the program/speaker for the Busharat Ahmad, MD Leadership Program at the Interim and Annual meeting.
  • Discover what resources or tools IMGs need in order to ascend into leadership positions

C. Desserts Reception, Chair, Busharat Ahmad, MD, Email: busharat@gmail.com


  • Obtain funding for 2015 Desserts Reception
  • Develop, plan and promote the 2015 Desserts Reception beginning in January

D. Social Media, Subhash Chandra, MD, Chair; Email: contactdrsubhash@yahoo.com

Liaison Committees

7. Commission to End Healthcare Disparities

Representative: Vijaya Appareddy, MD, Email: Appareddy@ramtec.com

Alternate Representative: Lt. Colonel Ronit Katz, MD; Email: rkatz7@gmail.com


  • Attend and participate in all Commission meetings, alert staff if unable to attend a meeting so a substitute can be send in your place.
  • Report back (written or verbally) twice a year to the IMGS Congress and the IMGS GC on the commission activities and areas of opportunities for the IMGS.