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2015-2016 AMA-IMG Section Committees

I. Resolutions and Reports:

Chair: Ved Gossain, MD, Email: ved.gossain@hc.msu.edu
Vice Chair: Giovanni Campanile, MD, E-mailcampanile4@gmail.com


  • Develop at least 3 well-written and researched reports or resolutions for the Interim and Annual HOD meetings.
  • Identify two issues that require AMA IMGS advocacy efforts

II. Research, Development and Graduate Medical Education:

Chair: Rashi Aggarwal, MD, Email: aggarwra@umdnj.edu
Vice-Chair: Sumir Sahgal, MD, E-mail: ssahgal@essenmed.com


  • Recruit at least 5 committee members.
  • Effectively lead the survey discussions and analyses
  • Review Physician Workforce Paper and ECFMG-certified survey for possible publishing ideas or proposals
  • Work with the Council on Medical Education Subcommittee on Graduate Medical Education  to assist with the following:
    1. Advance the GME efforts of the IMG Section.
    2. Provide input on CME Report for I-15
    3. Work to ensure   that  IMGS  continue to  obtain  GME positions  now and in the future
    4. Direct GME effort at state and federal level
    5. Work to raise awareness of GME problem at grassroots level

III. Nominating Committee:

Chair: Ronit Katz, MD, E-mail: rkatz1@stanford.edu


  • Recruit a diverse pool of candidates for the IMGS GC elections.
  • Present a diverse slate for the 2014 IMGS GC online ballot.

IV. Committee for Internal & External Relationships:

Chair: Bhushan Pandya, MD, E-mail: bhpmd2004@yahoo.com
Vice-Chair: Subhash Chandra, MD, E-mail: contactdrsubhash@yahoo.com


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop a liaison relationship with at external IMG groups (states, specialties, or ethnic associations, state legislators) and internal Sections and Special Groups of the AMA
  • Create 1 new IMG Section/Committee in at least 1 state that does not have one.
  • Collaborate with Desserts Reception Committee to assist with obtaining funding support

V.Leadership Development Program, Chair: Ronit Katz, MD, E-mail: rkatz1@stanford.edu


  • Recruit at least 10 diverse committee members
  • Develop the program/speaker for the Busharat Ahmad, MD Leadership Program at the Interim and Annual meeting.
  • Discover what resources or tools IMGs need in order to ascend into leadership positions

VI. Desserts Reception, Chair, Busharat Ahmad, MD, E-mail: busharat@gmail.com


  • Develop, plan and promote the 2016 Desserts Reception beginning in January

VII. Social Media, Subhash Chandra, MD, Chair;contactdrsubhash@yahoo.com


  • To develop team of Committee members to devise ideas for social media regarding IMGS. Ideas will be transmitted to IMG staff and AMA-branded team . 

VIII. 20th Anniversary Symposium Planning Committee

Chair: June-Anne Gold, MD, E-mail: juneannegold@gmail.com
Vice-Chair: Rashi Aggarwal, MD, E-mail:  aggarwra@umdnj.edu


  • To develop programming for 2016 AMA Symposium
  • Work with IMG staff to solicit funding and speakers.  Program contingent  on receiving funding.


Commission to End Healthcare Disparities
Representative: Vijaya Appareddy, MD, E-mail: Appareddy@ramtec.com 
Term:   (2014-2016) 
Alternate Representative:  June-Anne Gold, MD; E-mail: juneannegold@gmail.com


  • Attend and participate in all Commission meetings, alert staff  if unable to attend a meeting so a substitute can be send in your place.
  • Report back (written or verbally) twice a year to the IMGS Congress and the IMGS GC on the commission activities and areas of opportunities for the IMGS.