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Candidates for 2014 AMA Board and AMA Councils

For AMA President-elect (vote for one)

Steven J. Stack, MD

For Speaker (vote for one)

Andrew W. Gurman, MD

For Vice speaker (vote for one)

Susan R. Bailey, MD

For AMA Board of Trustees (vote for five)

Russ Kridel, MD

Barbara L. McAneny, MD

Lee R. Morisy, MD

Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD

Jack Resneck, Jr, MD

Carl A. Sirio, MD

Thomas E. Sullivan, MD

Donna E. Sweet, MD

For Board of Trustees, young physician trustee (vote for one)

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH

For Council on Constitution & Bylaws (vote for three)

Patricia L. Austin, MD

Madelyn E. Butler, MD

Jan Kief, MD

Charles J. Rainey, MD

Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

For Council on Medical Education (vote for one)

Niranjan V. Rao, MD

Council on Medical Education resident/fellow position (vote for one)

Luke Selby, MD

For Council on Medical Service (vote for four)

Peter E. Lavine, MD

Asa C. Lockhart, MD

Peter S. Lund, MD

Paul Wertsch, MD

For Council on Science and Public Health (vote for two)

Kira Geraci, MD, MPH

Robert A. Gilchick, MD, MPH

Michael M. Miller, MD

Gregory Tarasidis, MD

Council on Science and Public Health resident/fellow position (vote for one)

Adam P. Dougherty, MD, MPH