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Functions and Membership

To advise [the AMA] on substantial and promising developments in the scientific aspects of medicine and biomedical research that warrant public attention.

To advise on professional and public information activities that might be undertaken by the AMA in the field of scientific medicine.

To assist in the preparation of policy positions on scientific issues raised by the public media.

To advise on policy positions on aspects of government support, involvement in, or control of biomedical research.

To advise on opportunities to coordinate or cooperate with the scientific activities of national medical specialty societies, voluntary health agencies, other professional organizations, and governmental agencies.

To consider and evaluate the benefits that might be derived from joint development of domestic and international programs on scientific affairs.

To propose and evaluate activities that might be undertaken by the AMA as major scientific projects, either individually or jointly with state and local medical societies.

The Council on Science and Public Health consists of the following:

Eleven active members of the AMA, one of whom is a Resident. These members of the Council are elected by the House of Delegates. The Board of Trustees nominates two or more eligible members for each vacancy on the Council, and further nominations may be made from the floor of the House.

In addition, a medical student member of the AMA appointed by the Governing Council of the AMA Medical Student Section with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees also serves on the Council.

Adapted from the Constitution and Bylaws of the American Medical Association, December 1993 revision.