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Physician Payment Reform

Below are Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from June 1998 to the present related to e-health. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the AMA House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Payment Mechanisms for Physician-Led Team-Based Care
CMS Report 1, I-15

Physician Access to ACO Participation
CMS Report 7, A-15

Medicaid Primary Care Payment Increases
CMS Report 7, I-14

Medicare Update Formulas Across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-14

Analysis of Place-of-Service Code for Observation Services
CMS Report 4, A-14

Hospital-Based Physicians and the Value-Based Payment Modifier
CMS Report 3, I-13

Payment Mechanisms for Physician-Led Team-Based Health Care
CMS Report 1, I-13

Integrated Electronic Patient Care Reports for Prehospital Providers
CMS Report 4, I-13

Payment Parity across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-13

Delivery Reform
CMS Report 6, A-13

Face-to-Face Encounter Rule
CMS Report 3, I-12

Medicaid Patient-Centered Medical Home Models
CMS Report 3, A-12

Practice Expense Data and the Medicare Economic Index
CMS Report 1, I-11

Physician Tax Credits for Uncompensated Care
CMS Report 2, I-11

Physician Payment Reform Update
CMS Report 1, A-11

Denial of Payment Based on Volume of Procedures Performed
CMS Report 6, A-11

Implementing Alternative Health Care Delivery and Physician Payment Models
CMS Report 8, A-11

Medicare Physician Payment Reform (Resolution 110, A-09)
CMS Report 6, A-09

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (Amendment J-3, I-08)
CMS Report 8, A-09

Geographic Variation in Health Care Cost and Utilization
CMS Report 2, I-09

Tax Relief for Physicians Serving Uninsured and Underinsured Patients
CMS Report 5, I-02