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Medicare and Medicaid

Listed below are Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from June 1998 to the present related to Medicare and/or Medicaid. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the AMA House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Hearing Aid Coverage
CMS Report 6, I-15

Physician Payment by Medicare
CMS Report 2, A-15

Improving Home Health Care
CMS Report 8, A-15

Medication Administration in Assisted Living Facilities
CMS Report 9, A-15

Hospital Admissions and Patient Management Contractors
CMS Report 1, I-14

Medicaid Expansion Options and Alternatives
CMS Report 5, I-14

Medicaid Primary Care Payment Increases
CMS Report 7, I-14

Medicare Update Formulas Across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-14

Analysis of Place-of-Service Code for Observation Services
CMS Report 4, A-14

Hospital-Based Physicians and the Value Based Payment Modifier
CMS Report 3, I-13

Strengthening Medicare Through Competitive Bidding
CMS Report 7, I-13

Payment Parity across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-13

Delivery of Care and Financing Reform for Medicare and Medicaid Dually Eligible Beneficiaries
CMS Report 5, A-13

Strengthening Medicare for Current and Future Generations
CMS Report 5, I-12

Medicaid Financing Reform
CMS Report 1, A-12

Medicaid Patient-Centered Medical Home Models
CMS Report 3, A-12

Basic Health Program
CMS Report 5, A-12

Practice Expense Data and the Medicare Economic Index
CMS Report 1, I-11

Medicare Financing Reform
CMS Report 4, I-11

Medicaid Waivers and Maintenance of Effort Requirements
CMS Report 5, I-11

Physician Payment Reform Update
CMS Report 1, A-11

Medicaid Coverage of Adults in Psychiatric Hospitals
CMS Report 3, A-11

Pay For Value
CMS Report 4, A-11

Implementing Alternative Health Care Delivery and Physician Payment Models
CMS Report 8, A-11

Medicare Physician Payment Reform (Resolution 110, A-09)
CMS Report 6, A-09

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (Amendment J-3, I-08)
CMS Report 8, A-09

Medicaid Long-Term Care Financing
CMS Report 1, I-08

Emerging Medicare Physician Payment Methodologies
CMS Report 4, I-08

Improving the Medicare Economic Index
CMS Report 6, I-08

The Medicare Trust Funds
CMS Report 6, A-08

State Efforts to Expand Coverage to the Uninsured
CMS Report 3, I-07

Strategies to Strengthen the Medicare Program
CMS Report 6, I-07

No Child Left Uninsured
CMS Report 1, A-07

Strategies to Reform the Medicare Program
CMS Report 10, A-07

Health Savings Accounts for the Medicaid Population
CMS Report 1, I-06

Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles
CMS Report 6, A-06

Policy Options for Addressing Medicaid Long-Term Care
CMS Report 6, I-05

State Options to Improve Coverage for the Poor
CMS Report 1, A-05

Division of Medicare into a Program for the Elderly and a Program for the Disabled
CMS Report 2, A-05

Medicare Demonstration Projects
CMS Report 3, A-05

Economic Impact of Shifts in Site of Service
CMS Report 4, A-05

Eligibility Age for Medicare Beneficiaries
CMS Report 1, I-04

Medicare Cost-Sharing
CMS Report 2, I-04

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-04

Medicare Payment for Services Provided to Skilled Nursing Facility Residents in Physicians' Offices
CMS Report 1, A-04

Medical Care for Patients with Low Incomes
CMS Report 1, I-03

Restructuring Medicare for the Long Term
CMS Report 5, I-03

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-03

Consolidated Home Care Payments by Medicare
CMS Report 4, A-03

Medical Care for Patients with Low Incomes
CMS Report 8, A-03

Restructuring Medicare for the Short-Term
CMS Report 9, A-03

Medicaid Spend-Down Eligibility Criteria
CMS Report 1, I-02

Medicare Payment for the Medical Direction and Supervision of Hospital-Based Clinical Laboratories
CMS Report 2, I-02

Medicare Payment for Critical Care Services
CMS Report 4, I-02

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-02

Hospital and Physician Payment for Uncompensated Care, Teaching, and Research
CMS Report 7, I-02

Study of State Actions to Control Pharmaceutical Costs
CMS Report 2, A-02

Coverage for Periodic Preventive Medical Evaluations and Services
CMS Report 3, A-02

Payment of Routine Care for Clinical Trial Participants
CMS Report 4, A-02

Medicare Benefits for Social Security Disability Recipients
CMS Report 6, A-02

Advocating Health Insurance Tax Credits
CMS Report 10, A-02

Medicare Pharmaceutical Benefit
CMS Report 11, A-02

Criteria for Level of Care Status
CMS Report 5, I-01

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 7, I-01

Consistent Use of CPT Modifiers and Guidelines for Multiple or Bilateral Procedures CMS 2, A-01

Access to Mental Health Services
CMS 9, A-01

Medicare National Physician Payment Schedule and Coordination of Benefits
CMS Report 2, I-00

Medicare Fraud Analysis
CMS Report 4, I-00

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 9, I-00

Physician Responsibility for Nursing Agencies
CMS Report 1, A-00

Payment for Annual Physical Examinations and Related Preventive Services
CMS Report 7, A-00

Medicare Preoperative Medical Evaluation
CMS Report 8, A-00

Geographic Differences in Payments to Medicare+Choice Plans
CMS Report 4, I-99

The Future of Medicaid
CMS Report 5, I-99

Definition of "Medical Necessity"
CMS Report 13, I-99

Status Report on Medicare Review Programs
CMS Report 14, I-99

Medicare Physician Enrollment Process
CMS Report 15, I-99

Private Contracting by Medicare Patients
CMS Report 6, A-99

Appropriate Level Differences by Place and Type of Service
CMS Report 7, A-99

Reimbursement of Screening Bone Densitometry
CMS Report 9, A-99

Medicare Coverage for GGTP Assays as Part of Alcoholism Screening
CMS Report 10, A-99

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 11, A-99

Relative Value Unit Based Reimbursement
CMS Report 12, A-99

Health Plan Coverage for Over-the-Counter Drugs
CMS Report 1, I-98

Physician Risk for Long-Term Care Placement Decisions
CMS Report 9, I-98

Outpatient Pharmaceutical Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries
CMS Report 11, I-98

Definitions of "Screening" and "Medical Necessity"
CMS Report 13, I-98

PRO Sixth Scope of Work
CMS Report 16, I-98

Medicare Patient Copayments for Outpatient Procedures
CMS Report 5, A-98

Use of Advanced Beneficiary Notices for Laboratory Tests
CMS Report 7, A-98

Separate Sources of Funding and Administration for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B
CMS Report 10, A-98