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Medicare and Medicaid

Listed below are Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from June 1998 to the present related to Medicare and/or Medicaid. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the AMA House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Medicare Update Formulas Across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-14

Analysis of Place-of-Service Code for Observation Services
CMS Report 4, A-14

Hospital-Based Physicians and the Value Based Payment Modifier
CMS Report 3, I-13

Strengthening Medicare Through Competitive Bidding
CMS Report 7, I-13

Payment Parity across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-13

Delivery of Care and Financing Reform for Medicare and Medicaid Dually Eligible Beneficiaries
CMS Report 5, A-13

Strengthening Medicare for Current and Future Generations
CMS Report 5, I-12

Medicaid Financing Reform
CMS Report 1, A-12

Medicaid Patient-Centered Medical Home Models
CMS Report 3, A-12

Basic Health Program
CMS Report 5, A-12

Practice Expense Data and the Medicare Economic Index
CMS Report 1, I-11

Medicare Financing Reform
CMS Report 4, I-11

Medicaid Waivers and Maintenance of Effort Requirements
CMS Report 5, I-11

Physician Payment Reform Update
CMS Report 1, A-11

Medicaid Coverage of Adults in Psychiatric Hospitals
CMS Report 3, A-11

Pay For Value
CMS Report 4, A-11

Implementing Alternative Health Care Delivery and Physician Payment Models
CMS Report 8, A-11

Medicare Physician Payment Reform (Resolution 110, A-09)
CMS Report 6, A-09

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (Amendment J-3, I-08)
CMS Report 8, A-09

Medicaid Long-Term Care Financing
CMS Report 1, I-08

Emerging Medicare Physician Payment Methodologies
CMS Report 4, I-08

Improving the Medicare Economic Index
CMS Report 6, I-08

The Medicare Trust Funds
CMS Report 6, A-08

State Efforts to Expand Coverage to the Uninsured
CMS Report 3, I-07

Strategies to Strengthen the Medicare Program
CMS Report 6, I-07

No Child Left Uninsured
CMS Report 1, A-07

Strategies to Reform the Medicare Program
CMS Report 10, A-07

Health Savings Accounts for the Medicaid Population
CMS Report 1, I-06

Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles
CMS Report 6, A-06

Policy Options for Addressing Medicaid Long-Term Care
CMS Report 6, I-05

State Options to Improve Coverage for the Poor
CMS Report 1, A-05

Division of Medicare into a Program for the Elderly and a Program for the Disabled
CMS Report 2, A-05

Medicare Demonstration Projects
CMS Report 3, A-05

Economic Impact of Shifts in Site of Service
CMS Report 4, A-05

Eligibility Age for Medicare Beneficiaries
CMS Report 1, I-04

Medicare Cost-Sharing
CMS Report 2, I-04

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-04

Medicare Payment for Services Provided to Skilled Nursing Facility Residents in Physicians' Offices
CMS Report 1, A-04

Medical Care for Patients with Low Incomes
CMS Report 1, I-03

Restructuring Medicare for the Long Term
CMS Report 5, I-03

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-03

Consolidated Home Care Payments by Medicare
CMS Report 4, A-03

Medical Care for Patients with Low Incomes
CMS Report 8, A-03

Restructuring Medicare for the Short-Term
CMS Report 9, A-03

Medicaid Spend-Down Eligibility Criteria
CMS Report 1, I-02

Medicare Payment for the Medical Direction and Supervision of Hospital-Based Clinical Laboratories
CMS Report 2, I-02

Medicare Payment for Critical Care Services
CMS Report 4, I-02

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 6, I-02

Hospital and Physician Payment for Uncompensated Care, Teaching, and Research
CMS Report 7, I-02

Study of State Actions to Control Pharmaceutical Costs
CMS Report 2, A-02

Coverage for Periodic Preventive Medical Evaluations and Services
CMS Report 3, A-02

Payment of Routine Care for Clinical Trial Participants
CMS Report 4, A-02

Medicare Benefits for Social Security Disability Recipients
CMS Report 6, A-02

Advocating Health Insurance Tax Credits
CMS Report 10, A-02

Medicare Pharmaceutical Benefit
CMS Report 11, A-02

Criteria for Level of Care Status
CMS Report 5, I-01

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 7, I-01

Consistent Use of CPT Modifiers and Guidelines for Multiple or Bilateral Procedures CMS 2, A-01

Access to Mental Health Services
CMS 9, A-01

Medicare National Physician Payment Schedule and Coordination of Benefits
CMS Report 2, I-00

Medicare Fraud Analysis
CMS Report 4, I-00

Status Report on Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 9, I-00

Physician Responsibility for Nursing Agencies
CMS Report 1, A-00

Payment for Annual Physical Examinations and Related Preventive Services
CMS Report 7, A-00

Medicare Preoperative Medical Evaluation
CMS Report 8, A-00

Geographic Differences in Payments to Medicare+Choice Plans
CMS Report 4, I-99

The Future of Medicaid
CMS Report 5, I-99

Definition of "Medical Necessity"
CMS Report 13, I-99

Status Report on Medicare Review Programs
CMS Report 14, I-99

Medicare Physician Enrollment Process
CMS Report 15, I-99

Private Contracting by Medicare Patients
CMS Report 6, A-99

Appropriate Level Differences by Place and Type of Service
CMS Report 7, A-99

Reimbursement of Screening Bone Densitometry
CMS Report 9, A-99

Medicare Coverage for GGTP Assays as Part of Alcoholism Screening
CMS Report 10, A-99

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 11, A-99

Relative Value Unit Based Reimbursement
CMS Report 12, A-99

Health Plan Coverage for Over-the-Counter Drugs
CMS Report 1, I-98

Physician Risk for Long-Term Care Placement Decisions
CMS Report 9, I-98

Outpatient Pharmaceutical Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries
CMS Report 11, I-98

Definitions of "Screening" and "Medical Necessity"
CMS Report 13, I-98

PRO Sixth Scope of Work
CMS Report 16, I-98

Medicare Patient Copayments for Outpatient Procedures
CMS Report 5, A-98

Use of Advanced Beneficiary Notices for Laboratory Tests
CMS Report 7, A-98

Separate Sources of Funding and Administration for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B
CMS Report 10, A-98