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Health Insurance

Listed below are Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from June 1998 to the present related to managed care. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the AMA House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Hearing Aid Coverage
CMS Report 6, I-15

Health Insurance Affordability
CMS Report 8, I-15

Price Transparency
CMS Report 4, A-15

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care
CMS Report 6, A-15

Coverage for Chronic Pain Management
CMS and CSAPH Joint Report 1, A-15

Privacy Issues Regarding Insurance Company
Explanation of Benefits

CMS Report 2, I-14

Reference Pricing
CMS Report 3, I-14

Network Adequacy
CMS Report 4, I-14

The Future of Employer-Sponsored Insurance
CMS Report 6, I-14

Modernizing TRICARE Payment Policies
CMS Report 8, I-14

Health Insurer Code of Conduct Principles
CMS Report 5, A-14

Improving the Affordable Care Act
CMS Report 9, A-14

Medical Record and Reporting Standardization Update
CMS Report 2, I-13

Monitoring the Affordable Care Act
CMS Report 5, I-13

Worksite Health Clinics
CMS Report 1, A-13

Value-Based Insurance Design
CMS Report 2, A-13

Basic Health Program
CMS Report 5, A-12

Small Businesses and Health Reform
CMS Report 6, A-12

Administrative Simplification in the Physician Practice
CMS Report 8, I-11

Essential Health Care Benefits
CMS Report 2, A-11

Covering the Uninsured and Individual Responsibility
CMS Report 9, A-11

Radiology Benefits Managers
CMS Report 5, I-09

Acceptance of TRICARE Health Insurance
CMS Report 2, I-08

Medical Care Outside the United States
CMS Report 1, A-08

The Role of Cash Payments in All Physician Practices
CMS Report 3, A-08

Value-Based Decision-Making in the Health Care System
CMS Report 7, A-08

Study of Cost Sharing Arrangements in Prescription Drugs
CMS Report 1, I-07

Adequacy of Health Insurance Coverage
CMS Report 7, A-07

Fixed Reimbursement to Physicians for Laboratory Services
CMS Report 2, I-06

Update on Disease Management
CMS Report 4, A-06

Impact of the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973
CMS Report 4, A-04

Limiting Financial Incentives to Withhold Appropriate Care
CMS Report 4, I-03

Hospital and Physician Payment for Uncompensated Care, Teaching, and Research
CMS Report 7, I-02

Medical Care "Carve-Outs"
CMS Report 7, A-02

Continuity of Physicians and Pharmaceuticals in Managed Care Organizations
CMS Report 8, A-02

TRICARE Contracting and Billing Issues
CMS Report 1, I-01

Criteria for Level of Care Status
CMS Report 5, I-01

Inappropriate Bundling of Medical Services by Third Party Payers
CMS Report 6, I-01

Contact Capitation of Specialists
CMS Report 1, A-01

Consistent Use of CPT Modifiers and Guidelines for Multiple or Bilateral Procedures
CMS Report 2, A-01

Access to Mental Health Services
CMS Report 9, A-01

Physicians' Experiences with Retrospective Denial of Payment and Down-Coding by Managed Care Plans
CMS Report 5, I-00

Mental Health "Carve-Outs"
CMS Report 6, I-00

Managed Care Organization Reimbursement Formulas
CMS Report 6, A-00

Denial of Care and Appeal Mechanisms by Managed Care Companies
CMS Report 8, A-00