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Health Care Costs

Listed below are Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from June 1998 to the present related to Health care costs. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the AMA House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Pharmaceutical Costs
CMS Report 2, I-15

Hearing Aid Coverage
CMS Report 6, I-15

Health Insurance Affordability
CMS Report 8, I-15

Price Transparency
CMS Report 4, A-15

Hospital Admissions and Patient Management Contractors
CMS Report 1, I-14

Reference Pricing
CMS Report 3, I-14

Network Adequacy
CMS Report 4, I-14

Medicare Update Formulas Across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-14

Analysis of Place-of-Service Code for Observation Services
CMS Report 4, A-14

Improving the Affordable Care Act
CMS Report 9, A-14

Strengthening Medicare Through Competitive Bidding
CMS Report 7, I-13

Basic Health Program
CMS Report 1, A-13

Value-Based Insurance Design
CMS Report 2, A-13

Payment Parity across Outpatient Sites of Service
CMS Report 3, A-13

Cost-Sharing for Specialty Drugs
CMS Report 1, I-12

Update on the Use of Formal Shared Decision-Making
CMS Report 4, I-12

Essential Health Care Benefits
CMS Report 2, A-11

Covering the Uninsured and Individual Responsibility
CMS Report 9, A-11

Standardized Preauthorization Forms
CMS Report 4, I-10

Shared Decision-Making
CMS Report 7, A-10

Geographic Variation in Health Care Cost and Utilization
CMS Report 2, I-09

Comparability of the Cost Estimates of Health Care Systems
CMS Report 4, I-09

Components of Health Insurance
CMS Report 2, A-09

Appropriate Hospital Charges
CMS Report 4, A-09

Comparative Effectiveness Research
CMS Report 5, 1-08

Value-Based Decision-Making in the Health Care System
CMS Report 7, A-08

Study of Cost Sharing Arrangements in Prescription Drugs
CMS Report 1, I-07

Health Insurance Coverage of High-Risk Patients
CMS Report 2, I-07

Strategies to Strengthen the Medicare Program
CMS Report 6, I-07

Adequacy of Health Insurance Coverage
CMS Report 7, A-07

Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs
CMS Report 8, A-07

Health System Expenditures
CMS Report 1, A-06

Offsetting the Costs of Providing Uncompensated Care
CMS Report 8, A-05

Containing Catastrophic Care Costs
CMS Report 5, A-05

Growth in Health Care Costs and Health Insurance Premiums
CMS Report 13, A-02