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June 2001 Annual Meeting

Listed below are direct links to Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from the June 2001 Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

Contact Capitation of Specialists
CMS Report 1, A-01

Consistent Use of CPT Guidelines and Modifiers for Multiple or Bilateral Procedures
CMS Report 2, A-01

The Effects of Individually-Owned Health Insurance on Risk Pooling and Cross Subsidization
CMS Report 3, A-01

Medical Care Online
CMS Report 4, A-01

Evolving Internet-Based Health Insurance Marts
CMS Report 5, A-01

Status Report on Expanding Coverage to the Uninsured
CMS Report 6, A-01

The Growing Nursing Shortage in the United States
CMS Report 7, A-01

Uninsured Immigrants
CMS Report 8, A-01

Access to Mental Health Services
CMS Report 9, A-01)