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December 2001 Interim Meeting

Listed below are direct links to Council on Medical Service (CMS) reports from the December 2001 Interim Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates. The recommendations in these reports reflect the final actions of the House of Delegates and are official AMA policy.

TRICARE Contracting and Billing Issues
CMS Report 1, I-01

Transitional Issues in Moving Toward a System of Individually Selected and Owned Health Insurance
CMS Report 2, I-01

The Effects of Closing Safety-Net Hospitals
CMS Report 3, I-01

Hospital Merger Study
CMS Report 4, I-01

Criteria for Level of Care Status
CMS Report 5, I-01

Inappropriate Bundling of Medical Services by Third Party Payers
CMS Report 6, I-01

Medicare Review Activities
CMS Report 7, I-01

The Potential Impact of Genetic-Based Biotechnology on the Future Practice of Medicine
CMS Report 8, I-01