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Establishment of a New Section

AMA Policy G-615.001 states, “The following criteria were adopted in consideration of requests for establishing or changing the status of member component groups.  Requests for a change in status for existing groups or formation of new groups will be submitted by letter of application to the Council on Long Range Planning and Development.”  Accordingly, a letter of application has been developed and focuses on the following criteria to establish a section:

Criteria 1: Issue of ConcernFocus will relate to concerns that are distinctive to the subset within the broader, general issues that face medicine.  A demonstrated need exists to deal with these matters, as they are not currently being addressed through an existing AMA group.

Criteria 2: ConsistencyObjectives and activities of the group are consistent with those of the AMA.  Activities make good use of available resources and are not duplicative.

Criteria 3: AppropriatenessThe structure of the group will be consistent with its objectives and activities.

Criteria 4: Representation ThresholdMembers of the formal group would be based on identifiable segments of the physician population and AMA membership.  The formal group would be a clearly identifiable segment of AMA membership and the general physician population.  A substantial number of members would be represented by this formal group.  At minimum, this group would be able to represent 1,000 AMA members.  It is important to note this threshold will not be used to determine representation as each new group will be allocated only one delegate and one alternate delegate.

Criteria 5: StabilityThe group has a demonstrated history of continuity.  This segment can demonstrate an ongoing and viable group of physicians will be represented by this section and both the segment and the AMA will benefit from an increased voice within the policymaking body. 

Criteria 6: AccessibilityProvides opportunity for members of the constituency who are otherwise under represented to introduce issues of concern and to be able to participate in the policymaking process within the AMA House of Delegates.

Please submit completed letter of applications or inquiries to Susan Close, RN, CLRPD Secretary.  In addition to a letter of application, a resolution to the AMA House of Delegates may be submitted.