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Forum Helps Prepare Students for Future

Owen Garrick and Marlene Starr

AMA Foundation Board Member Owen Garrick MD, MBA presents awards to Marlene Starr

We spoke with Christopher Messenger and Marlene Starr, who were presented with American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation-sponsored awards at the 50th Annual National Student Research Forum (NSRF) on April 25, 2009, in Galveston, Texas. Both are doctorate students at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

MS:  “I think the most important part of winning an award like this is the recognition.  Being recognized for my research by an organization like the AMA Foundation has been a great motivator for me as a graduate student.”

Owen Garrick and Christopher Messenger

AMA Foundation Board Member Owen Garrick MD, MBA presents awards to Christopher Messenger

CM:  “It was exciting to share my research with people outside UTMB, just to get an outside perspective.”

MS:  “This was an excellent opportunity for students to present their research and also to interact and discuss science with other student researchers. Sometimes presenting at a national conference can be challenging, if not overwhelming. The NSRF introduces students to the proceedings of a national conference where we can present among our peers.”

CM:  “One of the reviewers for my poster had a lot of interesting things to say about my research. After meeting him, I went online to see who is doing research like mine. This made me think about places I might go in the future.”