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Scholarship Winner Plans to Care for Alaskan Natives

E. Sophie Spencer

E. Sophie Spencer holds a Cambodian baby following cleft-lip reconstruction surgery.

The AMA Foundation awarded the Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship to E. Sophie Spencer, who grew up in Juneau, Alaska. Ms. Spencer, who attends the University of Washington School of Medicine, was pleased to receive the $5,000 scholarship, which is awarded to a medical student who graduated from a high school in Southeast Alaska. After completing her residency, she plans to return to Alaska to work with the Native Corporation or Indian Health Services. As an intern, Ms. Spencer provided health care to Cambodian children and landmine victims.

This program recognizes the important role that rural physicians play in their communities. The scholarship was made possible by a bequest from Arthur N. Wilson, MD, a physician who was an integral part of his community in Ketchikan, Alaska, and his family.