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AMA Foundation Gift Makes Dreams Reality

Carl E. Lambert, Jr.

Family doctor inspired scholarship winner

“I like being there for people when their need is greatest,” says Carl E. Lambert, Jr., an AMA Foundation Minority Scholar Award recipient and third-year medical student at Rush Medical College. “The physicians who helped us care for my two younger brothers who have autism were selfless and compassionate.  They sparked my interests in science and in patient care.”

Twelve outstanding medical students were given $10,000 Minority Scholar Awards by the AMA Foundation in an effort to promote diversity and help with the rapidly rising cost of medical education. The awards recognize scholastic achievement, financial need and personal commitment to improving minority health.  The awards are presented in collaboration with the AMA Minority Affairs Consortium and with support from Pfizer Inc. 

“I can’t think of a more worthy project for Pfizer to support than the AMA Foundation’s Minority Scholars Award,” says Jack T. Watters, MD, vice president of external medical affairs at Pfizer Inc. “We believe that one of the key answers to our diversity problem is to focus on the next generation of medical professionals.”

In addition to Pfizer’s commitment to the program, the Minority Scholar Awards are made possible by AMA Foundation donors like Diana Ramos, MD, MPH, a past chair of the AMA Minority Affairs Consortium Governing Council: “I think it’s wonderful that the AMA Foundation supports minority scholars. As a past medical student scholarship recipient, I know the value of even the smallest gift, and I think it’s important to give back in as many ways as you can.”

Mr. Lambert looks forward to giving back to his community as a physician.  He currently enjoys his Thursday evenings at Project Brotherhood: A Black Men’s Clinic in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, where he has volunteered for four years. “Our patients are men who are too busy taking care of their families to care for themselves.  We offer medical care and comprehensive social services.  I see myself in primary care, building long-term relationships with my patients.”

“It was a complete blessing to get that award,” said Mr. Lambert.  “I know I was meant to be a physician.”

To make a gift to support the Minority Scholar Award, or to learn about other AMA Foundation scholarship programs, please contact Judi Peters at judi.peters@ama-assn.org or (312) 464-5852.