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AMA Foundation Award Cultivates Leadership in Medicine

David Shih, MD, MS

Award recipient says medical expertise is only one component of being a physician

“Receiving the leadership award confirmed my belief that medical knowledge is only part of what makes a good physician,” said David Shih, MD, MS, recipient of the 2000 AMA Foundation Leadership Award.  “Community members, not just patients, look to doctors for leadership - in their workplace, church, parent-teacher association, or neighborhood.”

Since receiving the award, Dr. Shih has worked in preventive medicine in epidemiology and health policy. He is currently a medical officer and epidemiologist for the Food and Drug Administration, where he protects the public by monitoring adverse drug reactions. While at the American College of Preventive Medicine, he advocated for preventive medicine both domestically and abroad.

A decade ago, Dr. Shih earned the leadership award for projects he undertook while in medical school at Washington University School of Medicine. He took time between his third and fourth years of school to work as a fellow at the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, he served as national treasurer for the American Medical Student Association, and he directed a jazz big band, The Hot Docs.

“The AMA Foundation is at the forefront in identifying up-and-coming leaders like Dr. Shih who are the future of medicine,” said AMA Foundation President Barney R. Maynard, MD. “In this critical time of health reform, patients look to physicians not only for medical knowledge, but also for ideas on how to make our health care system work better.”