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Frequently asked questions about the Foundation's health literacy program

How can I request permission to use or adapt your health literacy resources in my presentation or materials?

If you are simply citing text or copying a table from one of our resources (i.e., Manual for clinicians, patient safety monograph), we just ask that you acknowledge the source in your materials. Copyright information can be found at the front or back of the resources. However, if your request is more complicated or you have questions about its feasibility, please email us and specify which resource you would like to use, which portions, how it will be used, and who will have access to your presentation or materials. You will typically receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Is there someone in my area who could come to my meeting, conference, or organization and speak about health literacy?

We are happy to post your request for a speaker to individuals who have been trained through the Foundation’s Health Literacy Train-the-Trainer programs. These individuals are scattered geographically across the country. Please email healthliteracy@ama-assn.org with your request and include date, time, location, target audience, and any other pertinent information. We will then put you in contact with an individual who has responded to your request, so that you can make arrangements together. Please note that there are typically expenses involved with speaking presentations such as the costs of travel and honoraria for the speaker, as well as A/V equipment rental. Our speakers usually require a laptop and projector to use PowerPoint slides.

If I want to order just the health literacy video, do I have to order a whole health literacy kit?

No. VHS versions of the health literacy video can be purchased separately from the kit.  The video can also be viewed online at no charge.

Do you offer health literacy grants?

The Foundation does not offer any other health literacy grants at the present time. In past years, we have awarded three rounds of grants, but none are planned for the immediate future.

Do you know of other organizations that offer health literacy grants?

The Foundation does not keep a list of health literacy funding opportunities. We suggest researching and contacting organizations and foundations that focus on health, communications, and literacy issues.

When is your next Health Literacy Train-the-Trainer Program?

The Foundation has conducted Health Literacy Train-the-Trainer programs in 2003 and 2005, but there are currently no plans for another Train-the-Trainer program. Should another Train-the-Trainer program occur, we will announce and post applications for it on this website.