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Scholars Fund

Since 1950, the American Medical Association (AMA) Alliance—the largest volunteer arm of the AMA—has worked with the AMA Foundation to raise money for medical schools to distribute to deserving students.This program has provided more than $60 million in scholarships for aspiring physicians.

On December 31, 2013 , the Scholars Fund program will sunset and the AMA Alliance Grassroots Honor Fund will become the new vehicle for the Alliance’s scholarship fundraising efforts. It will provide $10,000 scholarships to medical students with a commitment to address the needs of women and children. Learn more about endowment giving opportunities, including the Honor Funds .

Because the Scholars Fund will sunset December 31, 2013, the Foundation asks that schools request the full amount of their balance.

Medical school deans or deans’ designates, learn more about the process of requesting the remainder of your school’s Scholars Fund balance below.

The medical school dean or the dean's designate may divide the total amount available to their students in smaller amounts to create a greater number of scholarships, or limit the funds to fewer but larger awards.

After the medical school has chosen the recipient(s), the school then fills out our Scholars Fund Recipient Information Form and sends it to the Foundation. The Foundation sends the funds to the school contact name and address that is provided on the form. The Foundation also sends a congratulatory note to the scholarship recipient(s). The Foundation encourages you to submit your scholarship recipient(s) by July 2, 2013. If you need an extension, please notify the Foundation.

This Web site is created specifically for medical school officials. It is “hidden” from the public – only those provided with the link can view the information. This information is intended to keep you informed of your medical school's Scholars Fund balance as well as provide you with the Scholarship Recipient Information Form. Please bookmark this site so you can refer to this information if needed.

View your 2013 Scholars Fund Account Balance.

Download the Scholars Fund Recipient Information Form to submit your recipient (s) to the AMA Foundation.

Deadline to submit recipients to the AMA Foundation:
July 2, 2013

For information about the Minority Scholars Awards and the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships, visit www.amafoundation.org/go/amafscholarships.

For general information about our scholarship programs, visit www.amafoundation.org/go/medicaleducation.