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Ongoing Pledge Payments

Donors who made pledge payments of $100 or more in 2013 are recognized below.

Visionary $50,000 - $99,999

Debasish Mridha, MD and Chinu Mridha

President $10,000 - $24,999

The Arthur Foundation
Linda B. Ford, MD and R. Joe Dennis, Jr.

Leader $5,000 - $9,999

Peter W. Carmel, MD and Jacqueline A. Bello, MD
Anton N. Hasso, MD and Peggy J. Fritzsche, MD
Samasandrapalya Kiran, MD and Mona Hardas, MD
National Business Group on Health
North Carolina Medical Society Alliance
Michael R. O'Leary, MD and Colleen O'Leary, MD
John W. Poole, MD

Philanthropist $2,500 - $4,999

Vijayalakshmi Appareddy, MD and Ramesh Appareddy
Joseph M. Heyman, MD and Laurel Ann Heyman
Thomas J. Madejski, MD and Sandra L. Madejski
Nancy L. Mueller, MD and Kenneth D. Lancin
Bassam H. Nasr, MD
William C. Sternfeld, MD

Patron $1,000 - $2,499

Daniel A. Abodeely, MD and Ruth A. Abodeely
Robert A. Ackerman, MD and Cynthia M. Ackerman
Joseph P. Annis, MD and Marguerite Annis
Mohammed A. Arsiwala, MD
Elie Azrak, MD and Carin Khoukaz
David O. Barbe, MD and Debbie Barbe
Gail S. Brook Arthur, MD and R. Samuel Arthur, MD
Steven W. Churchill
Armand Cincotta, MD and Joan Cincotta
Joseph P. Costabile, MD and Yolanda Constabile
Charles Drueck, MD and Jane V. Drueck
Jane Erb
Jack T. Evjy, MD and Sheila Evjy
Edgar S. Ferguson, MD
Christopher J. Frost, MD and Sandra Frost
Owen Garrick, MD and Jocelyn Garrick, MD
Kira A. Geraci-Ciardullo, MD and Robert C. Ciardullo, MD
Dinah M. Goldenberg
David T. Hannan, MD and Pamela M. Hannan
Alan H. Hendrix, MD and Charlotte Hendrix
Michael B. Hoover, MD and Maria Del Rio Hoover, MD
Jerry D. Kennett, MD and Michele Kennett
Edward G. Koch, MD and Kathleen B. Koch
Daniel J. Koretz, MD and Diane Koretz
Mark Kuhnke, MD and Janet Kuhnke
Peter S. Lund, MD and Amy Lund
Barney R. Maynard, MD and Kelda Maynard
John S. Mc Intyre, MD and Ann H. Mc Intyre
James L. Milam, MD and Cathy K. Milam
Srinivas Mukkamala, MD
Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD and Marylene Permut
Wayne V. Polek, MD and Rita Polek
ProAssurance, Ohio
Joseph H. Reichman, MD
John L. Rollo, MD and Anne Rollo
Robert W. Smith, MD
Anne E. Smith
Samuel P. Solish, MD and Jo E. Linder, MD
Gamini Soori, MD, MBA
David E. Swee, MD
Donna E. Sweet, MD
Edward C. Tanner, III, MD
William F. Terry, MD and Jo W. Terry
Georgia A. Tuttle, MD
Michael C. Vidas, MD and Cathy Vidas

Friend $500 - $999

James A. Bull, MD
Arthur C. Fougner, MD
Robert B. Goldberg, DO
Dionne Hart, MD
Bruce A. Jasper, MD and Karen Jasper
Lent C. Johnson, MD and Sandra Ahlum, MD
Vidya S. Kora, MD
Jose R. Maldonado, Jr., MD
John M. Montgomery, MD, MPH
D. Brent Mulgrew
Warren F. Muth, MD and Carol Muth
Albert J. Osbahr, III, MD
John S. Polsley, MD and Barbara J. Polsley
Marvin H. Rorick, III, MD and Lindsay B. Rorick
Carl S. Wehri, MD and Marleen K. Wehri
Charles F. Willson, MD and Frances M. Willson
Daniel M. Young, MD and Carol Young

Fellow $250 - $499

Seyed H. Aleali, MD and Pouran Aleali
David W. Butsch, MD
Ted D. Groshong, MD
John J. Kennedy, Jr., MD
Louis J. Kraus, MD
Jack S. Resneck, Jr., MD

Contributor $100 - $249

Evangeline C. Andarsio, MD
Robert O. Begtrup, MD and Barbara Begtrup
Kenneth W. Crabb, MD and Gwen Crabb
Gareth A. Eberle, MD and Sylvia Eberle
Palma E. Formica, MD
Sidney Gold, MD
Susan D. Goold, MD
Robert Carlson and Nancy A. Hoffmann
Linda Izquierdo
Raymond Kacich, MD and Gail Kacich
William E. Kobler, MD and Carolyn Kobler
Warren C. Lovinger, Jr., MD and Marilyn Lovinger
Brad Ringhofer, MD and Julie Ringhofer
Myrna A. Sanchez, MD
Richard P. Vienne, DO and Melissa J. Vienne
Mrs. Suzanne Webb
Benjamin H. Whitten, MD