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New Gifts and Pledges

All new pledges and gifts made to the AMA Foundation in 2013 are recognized below. Individual donors who made a pledge or gift of $1000 or more to the annual fund in 2013 belong to the Annual Loyalty Circle giving society and are recognized with an asterisk.

Humanitarian $100,000+

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Pfizer Inc
Purdue Pharma L.P.

Visionary $50,000 - $99,999

Eli Lilly & Company
Genentech Inc.
Genita E. Johnson
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Founder $25,000 - $49,999

Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc.
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Estate of Dorothy W. Boone
Walgreen Co.

President $10,000 - $24,999

Allergan, Inc
*Craig W. Anderson, MD and Deborah H. Anderson
*Howard C. Bauchner, MD and Christine McElroy, PhD

BMO Harris Bank
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc
*Edmond B. Cabbabe, MD and Rima Cabbabe
Samer W. Cabbabe, MD and Amy A. Cabbabe, MD
Isa S. Canavati, MD and Elizabeth Canavati
*Steven W. Churchill
*Joshua M. Cohen, MD, MPH

Erick A. Eiting, MD
Jeffrey Fishberger, MD
*Christina J. Flaxel, MD
Forest Laboratories, Inc.
Richard S. Frankenstein, MD
Gerald E. Harmon, MD and Linda Harmon
Indiana State Medical Association
Alan K. Klitzke, MD
James L. Madara, MD and Vicki M. Madara
Estate of Jacquelyn L. Marks
Medical Society of New Jersey
Merck & Co., Inc.
Mark J. Milstein, MD
William H. Mohr, MD and Polly Mohr
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
*John A. and Denise O'Rourke
*William C. Pierce, MD and Selma M. Pierce

ProAssurance, Michigan
Sanofi US
Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
Eldon A. Trame, MD and Elizabeth A. Stewart, MD
Piyush I. Vyas, MD and Padmaja Vyas

Leader $5,000 - $9,999

Mary F. Campagnolo, MD
Mary S. Carpenter, MD and Dan Flynn
*Clarence P. Chou, MD
Kevin L. Donovan, MD and Shar Donovan
*Edward H. Livingston, MD, FACS
*Steven S. Martin and Amy Haddad, PhD

Medical Society of Virginia Alliance
Nyapati R. Rao, MD
Albert Ray, MD and Cheryl Ray
Leslie A. Spry, MD and Denise Spry
SSM DePaul Health Center Medical Staff
Tennessee Medical Association Alliance

Philanthropist $2,500 - $4,999

Betty S. Chu, MD
Donald J. Cinotti, MD
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Charles E. Hofmann, MD
*David S. Russell, MD
John F. Schneider, MD and Francis Schneider
St. Anthony's Medical Center
St. Anthony's Medical, Dental, & Podiatric Staff Fund
*Francis X. Van Houten, MD and Marge Van Houten
H. Hugh Vincent, MD and Joan Vincent
*Matthew Wynia, MD

Patron $1,000 - $2,499

*Keith I. Adams, MD
*Fae M. Adams, MD

American Society of Anesthesiologists
*Joseph P. Annis, MD and Marguerite Annis
Anthony J. Armstrong, MD and Myung L. Armstrong
Barbara J. Arnold, MD
*Omar T. Atiq, MD
*Patricia L. Austin, MD
*Susan R. Bailey, MD and Doug Bailey

Susan Baldassari, MD
*Roberto J. Bayardo, MD
*Kathleen Blake, MD and Robert A. Ballance, PhD
*Peter W. Carmel, MD and Jacqueline A. Bello, MD
*S. William Clark, III, MD and Jill Clark

Jeff G. Copeland, MD
The Richard K. and Lois B. Craig Family Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas
Richard A. Dart, MD and Wendy Dart
*Rose and Brian Doherty
*David A. Downs, MD

David A. Ellington, MD and Jane D. Ellington
First District Branch
James C. Fleming, MD and Anne O. Fleming
Fraternal Order of Police
*Owen Garrick, MD and Jocelyn Garrick, MD
*Julie K. Goonewardene
*Richard W. Greene, MD
*Andrew W. Gurman, MD and Nancy Gurman
*Catherine Hanson, PhD
*Patrice A. Harris, MD

*Jeffrey M. Holden, MD and Carol Holden
*Peter A. Hollmann, MD
*Richard H. and Angela Hovland
*Patricia Hyer and Rex L. Hyer, MD
*James D. Jackson, MD and Rose D. Jackson
*Peter B. Kang, MD and Christina A. Pacak, PhD

Steven Kanig, MD and Barbara L. McAneny, MD
*William E. Kobler, MD and Carolyn Kobler
*Nancy S. Kyler and Robert M. Kyler, MD

George M. Lange, MD
William R. Latreille, Jr., MD
*Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD and Debra Lazarus
Alexander R. and Marianne R. Lerner
Shanda R. Lohse, MD
*Erica E. Marsh, MD, MSCI
Paul C. Matson, MD and Jodi Mc Rae Matson
*Barney R. Maynard, MD and Kelda Maynard
Leah S. Mc Cormack, MD
*Robert E. McAfee, MD and Doris C. McAfee
*Barbara L. McAneny, MD and Steven Kanig, MD

Medical Society of the State of New York
*Darlyne Menscer, MD
Michigan State Medical Society
Debasish Mridha, MD and Chinu Mridha
Srinivas Mukkamala, MD
*Jeffrey A. Nemetz
North Carolina Medical Society Alliance
Ohio State Medical Association Alliance
*Mildred M. Olivier, MD, MPH
Gary Olson
*Stephen R. Permut, MD, JD and Marylene Permut
*Kazuko K. Price, MD

Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH and Jim Dunne
Padmini D. Ranasinghe, MD, MPH and Pubudu Ranasinghe
Niranjan V. Rao, MD
*Dana Richardson
*Carolyn B. Robinowitz, MD and Max Robinowitz, MD

J. James Rohack, MD and Charlotte Rohack
*Sarah A. Sanders, PharmD and Charles E. Sanders, MD
Vittal Shenoy, MD and Maya Shenoy
*Susan E. Skochelak, MD
*Heather A. Smith, MD, MPH
South Side Comprehensive Medical Group
Southern Tier Foundation For Medical Care Inc.
*Tatiana W. Spirtos, MD
*Steven J. Stack, MD and Tracie L. Overbeck, MD
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
*Donald D. Timmerman, MD and Sharyn Timmerman
Transamerica Affinity Services, Inc.
*Patricia L. Turner, MD, FACS
Sam L. Unterricht, MD
Robert M. Wah, MD
*Robert E. Wailes, MD
*Melanie S. Walker, MD
*Paul H. Wick, MD and D'Anna Wick
*Bruce L. Wilder, MD
*John P. Williams, MD and Valerie Williams
*Modena E. Wilson, MD and Gary Wilson
*Lynda M. Young, MD and Robert W. Sorrenti, MD

Friend $500 - $999

Michelle Abraham
Kathy G. Adams
Henry Allen
Elizabeth A. Almeyda, MD
Adriann Begay, MD
Donna S. Bloodworth, MD
William E. Bowman, MD and Gay Bowman
Broward County Medical Assoc. Alliance
Francis J. Crosson
John M. Deeney, MD
Louito C. Edje, MD
Lisa Egbert, MD
Timothy T. Flaherty, MD and Joan Flaherty
Phil B. Fontanarosa, MD and Kristine M. Fontanarosa
Sidney Gold, MD
Dionne Hart, MD
James T. Hay, MD
Daniel J. Heinemann, MD
Marcia L. Henderson
Charles J. Hickey, MD and Susan Hickey
Rodney G. Hood, MD
Richard and Amy Jenkins
John C. Kincaid, MD and Mary E. Soper, MD
Lynne M. Kirk, MD
Karen Kmetik, PhD
Lancaster County Medical Alliance Foundation
Dina Lindenberg
Michael M. Miller, MD
Nectar Silks
Wilner N. Nelson, Jr., MD and Laura L. Nelson
Richard N. Nelson, MD and Susan Nelson
Richard M. Peer, MD and Janet Peer
Gregory L. Pinto, MD
John S. Polsley, MD and Barbara J. Polsley
Humayun Quadir, MD
Region V - AMA-Medical Student Section
Grant V. Rodkey, MD and Dorothea Rodkey
Jerome Ross, MD
Carol S. Shapiro, MD and Donald Morgan
Frederick M. Silver, MD
Charles C. Smith, MD and Mary Smith
Jeffrey S. Sneider, MD
Student National Medical Assocication
Gregory A. Threatte, MD
Leonard Weather, Jr., MD
Jeffrey N. Wentzloff, MD and Jennie R. Wentzloff, MD

Fellow $250 - $499

S. Manzoor Abidi, MD
Robert A. Ackerman, MD and Cynthia M. Ackerman
Estate of Mary Frances Alexander
Thomas E. Allen, MD and Carol Allen
Charles Anderson, MD and Ann Anderson
George P. Anderson, Jr., MD
Thomas W. Andrews, MD
John S. Antalis, MD
Alejandro Aparicio, MD
Alexios Apazidis, MD
Sam L. Banks, MD and Dana Banks
John L. Bender, MD
Lynn F. Blake, MD and Georgia Blake
Dana M. Block-Abraham, DO
Sue Ann Capizzi
Kenneth Certa, MD
Robert L. Dannenhoffer, MD and Ann Marie Dannenhoffer
Richard A. Deem
Son T. Do, MD
Gareth A. Eberle, MD and Sylvia Eberle
John R. Fenyk, Jr., MD and Dianne C. Fenyk
Randolph J. Gould, MD
Barbara J. Grennan
Carol L. Hageman, MD
Julie Hager, MD and Derrick Hager
Virginia E. Hall, MD and John B. Hall
Marilyn J. Heine, MD and Arlin J. Silberman, DO
Bernard Hengesbaugh
Glen E. Holley, MD and Donna G. Holley
Harold C. and Joyce M. Hothan
Robert J. Hughes, MD
James Huston, MD
Leon Hyman, MD
Illinois Prairie Community Foundation - Mclean County
Jahangir M. Khan, MD
Shannon M. Kilgore, MD
Elizabeth Kline
Linda E. Krach, MD
Saul M. Levin, MD, MPA
Edward D. Lewis, MD
Russell C. Libby, MD
Robert A. Liebelt, MD and Milotka Liebelt
Marie-Claire Marroum-Kardous, MD
Michael J. Maruszak
Alan W. McGee, Jr., MD
Harold W. Miller, MD and Linda J. Miller
OrthoSouth, PC
Jairo Parada, MD and Cecilia Parada, MD
Lee S. Perrin, MD
Alan L. Plummer, MD
William W. Pond, MD and Camille Pond
Liana Puscas, MD
Patricia A. Randall, MD and Stanley P. Meltzer, MD
Barbara A. Rockett, MD and Francis X. Rockett, MD
Antonio C. Sacre, MD
Karol A. Sanders
Edward Schneider, MD and Nancy Schneider
Lincoln Shimomura, MD
Todd A. Sidel, MD
Rodrigo A. Sierra
Stark County Medical Society Auxiliary
John H. Sumners, MD
Philip W. Tally, MD
Donald W. and Linda J. Waters
Elmer C. Werner, MD
John C. Wright, MD
Edward A. Yaghmour, MD
Abdallah E. Zamaria, MD and Barbara Henike

Contributor $100 - $249

Adele B. Ackell, MD
Robert A. Ackerman, MD and Cynthia M. Ackerman
Adams County Medical Society Alliance
Jagan M. Ailinani, MD
Brendan Altman
Thomas M. Anderson, Jr., MD
S. Pearson Auerbach, MD
Warren W. Babcock, Jr., MD and Virginia K. Babcock
Virginia H. Baker, MD
George J. Balogh, MD and Terri A. Balogh
Charles H. Barker, MD
Krista Batey
L. Dale Beck, MD
Gary L. Beck, MD and Caroline Beck
Robert O. Begtrup, MD and Barbara Begtrup
Jacob M. Behrens, MD
Robert W. Bertcher, MD and Georgia Bertcher
William H. Beute, MD and Jill J. Beute
Bexar County Medical Society
Preawphan Bhitiyakul, MD and Somsak Bhitiyakul, MD
Nuise Bhitiyakul
Patricia A. Block, MD
Lester J. Bolanovich, MD and Joyce Bolanovich
Frank S. Bonelli, MD and Lori Bonelli
Todd C. Bonvallet, MD and Kristi Bonvallet
David G. Booth, MD and Karen Booth
Carsten P. Boysen, MD and Kandace L. Boysen
Leonard A. Brabson, MD and Gail M. Brabson
Donald R. Brada, MD and Kay S. Brada
William F. Briney, MD
John Britt, MD and Gina Britt
Melvin C. Britton, Jr., MD
Maury W. Bronstein, MD
Neil H. Brooks, MD
Ronald C. Brooksbank, MD
Edward D. Buckingham, MD and Dawn C. Buckingham, MD
Alexander M. Burford, Jr., MD
A. Patrice Burgess, MD
James G. Burke, MD and Carol Burke
Wilfrid Pitts, MD and Diane Burke, RN
Florence Burkhart
David E. Bybee, MD
Richard K. Bylund, MD
John J. Byrne, MD
Tim S. Caldwell, MD and Karen Caldwell
Tyler J. Campbell, MD
Earl V. Carlson, MD
John W. Carrier, MD
Edward Castro, MD
Maurice A. Cerulli, MD
Minolu R. Cheng, MD and Mei Y. Cheng
Homer H. Cheng, MD and Suzan S. Cheng, MD
Collin G. Cherry, MD
Nessim J. Cicurel, MD
Clark County Medical Society Alliance
Betsy Close, MD and Tim Jackson
Stuart A. Cohen, MD
David N. Collins, MD
James L. Comerci, MD and Lynn P. Comerci
J. Gregory Cooper, MD and Debby Cooper
David W. Cromer, MD and Elizabeth A. Cromer
Charles S. Crusinberry, MD
Samuel M. Currin, MD
Claudette E. Dalton, MD and H. Christopher Alexander, MD
Jesse T. Davidson, III, MD
William C. Davison, MD
Michael M. Deren, MD and Anne M. Deren
J. Patrick Dilworth, MD
Alan R. Dimick, MD and Ida M. Dimick
Glenn A. Dobecki, MD and Sandra A. Dobecki
Tracey C. Doering, MD
Veronica K. Dowling, MD
Jacqueline M. Drake
Stephen H. Eccher, MD and Cynthia J. Eccher
Elizabeth W. Edmond, MD
Billie D. Edwards
Jon N. Ekdahl and Marcia Orp
Manuel Elias, MD and Violet Elias
Victor Eloy, MD and Christine Warchol, MD
Bruce A. Elrod, MD
Sylvia A. Emory, MD
Erwin Engert, Jr., MD and Julie Engert
Joseph T. English, MD
Phillip G. Esce, MD and Jennifer Esce
David L. Estrin, MD
James V. Faris, MD and Jacqueline C. Faris
James D. Felsen, MD
Terrance N. Fisher, MD and Lois Fisher
Ray F. Fitch, MD and Betty J. Fitch
Kieran Fitzpatrick, MD and Martha M. Fitzpatrick
David C. Fleeger, MD
Robert A. Frankel, MD
Linnea M. Freel
Alan F. Frigy, MD and Elizabeth J. Frigy
Robert L. Fronduti, MD and Ann W. Fronduti
Sandra A. Fryhofer, MD
William B. Furgerson, MD
Aristides J. Garces, MD and Amy Garces
Geronimo Garcia, MD and Dolores Garcia, MD
Alfredo T. Garcia, III, MD
Melissa J. Garretson, MD
Charles H. Gaymes, MD and K. Shoba Gaymes
Myron Genel, MD and Phyllis Genel
Maroulla S. Gleaton, MD and Mayla Gleaton
Glenwood Hot Springs
Ravi D. Goel, MD
Adrian B. Goodman, MD and Ann A. Goodman
Fredrick T. Gould, MD and Donna Gould
Sheila H. Gray, MD
Green Promoting
Joseph W. Griffin, Jr., MD and Diane Griffin
Kurt W. Guelzow, MD and Maureen Guelzow, PhD
Elizabeth Gutch
David M. Hadley, MD and Ruth E. Hadley
Jerry L. Halverson, II, MD
Paul A. Hamlin, MD and Jane Hamlin
Barbara Hanas
Torrence G. Hanner, Jr., MD and Barbara Hanner
William M. Hartrich, MD
Harold J. Haughton, MD
Sultan A. Hayat, MD
Cauley W. Hayes, MD
Milton O. C. Haynes, MD
C. Alvin Head, MD
Thomas P. Healy, Jr. and Gia N. Interlandi
Dale W. Heeres, MD and Suzette Heeres
Donald J. Heindel, MD and Connie Heindel
Paul E. Henson, MD
Parmie A. Herman, MD and George Herman, MD
John T. Herrin, MD and Patricia A. Herrin
Robert L. Herting, MD and Claireen Herting
Alfred Herzog, MD and Katharine W. Herzog
Cyril M. Hetsko, MD
J. Edward Hill, MD and Jean W. Hill
James G. Hinsdale, MD and Bonnie Hinsdale
John B. Hodo, MD and Gloria P. Hodo
Robert Carlson and Nancy A. Hoffmann
Leland E. Holly, II, MD and Enid S. Holly
William J. Holt, MD
Mark D. Horness, MD and Sarah K. Horness
Ardis D. Hoven, MD and Ronald L. Sanders, PhD
William A. Howard, MD and Jean C. Howard
Mark A. Howell, MD and Jane Howell
John D. Hubbell, MD and Norma L. Hubbell
Charles P. Hughes, MD and Jay Ku
Barbara A. Hummel, MD and Henry J. Hummel
Robert S. Improta, MD
James H. Isobe, MD and Sheryl Isobe
David M. Jemison, MD
Dragan V. Jezic, MD
Michele Johann
Jeff Johnson, MD and Suellen P. Johnson
Victor P. Johnson, MD
John C. Johnson, MD and Vivian Johnson
Warren A. Jones, MD
Gale O. Jones, MD and Elizabeth H. Jones
L. Collier Jordan, MD and Emily Jordan
Manuel E. Kadish, MD
Charles F. Kane, MD
Sunil K. Kaushal, MD and Vibha Kaushal
John J. Kennedy, Jr., MD
Martin T. Kim, MD
Lloyd E. King, Jr., MD, PhD
Charles A. Kirby, MD and Susan Kirby
Friederike Kislov
Andrew Y. Kleinman, MD
Patricia A. Klettke
Mahendr S. Kochar, MD, MACP and Arvind K. Kochar
Vijay N. Koli, MD and Cyndi Koli
Venkata Kottapalli, MD and Satyasree Kottapalli
Milton Kramer, MD
Philip C. Krause, MD and Elizabeth A. Basquin Krause
Bernard E. Kreger, MD
Russell W. H. Kridel, MD
Benjamin P. Kunesh, MD and Racheal Kunesh
Kesavan Kutty, MD and Claire A. Kutty
Susan J. Laduzinsky, MD
Mark M. Laitos, MD and Julie Laitos
William W. Lander, MD and Nancy B. Lander
Mary E. LaPlante, MD and Robert LaPlante
Anastacia R. Largosa, MD
Nasim A. Latif, MD and Abdul Latif
Marilyn K. Laughead, MD and Robert A. Newman
Eric R. Leibovitch, MD
Michael R. Leone, MD and Ginny Leone
Virginia M. Levickas
Ilse R. Levin, DO and Seth Y. Flagg, MD
Allen D. Lewis, MD
Samuel V. Lewis, MD
Evelyn L. Lewis, MD
Dolleen M. Licciardi, MD
Douglas A. Liening, MD and Debra Liening
Roberta J. Lilly, MD
Felipe N. Lim, MD
David J. Lindquist, MD and Leanna Lindquist
James P. Little, MD and Cindy Little
William J. Little, MD and Dorothy Little
Pedro Lopez, MD and Diana Lopez
Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, MD and Jeremy O'Brien
Lucas County Medical Alliance
John J. Lynch, MD
Emmanuel N. Macaraeg, MD and Aurora Macaraeg
Herbert R. Madry, Jr., MD and Betty E. Madry
Kristin Mahan, MD and Tony Mahan
Sabyasachi Mahapatra, MD and Amrita Mahapatra
Mark G. Mainwaring, MD and Lisa Mainwaring
Priti V. Mandalaywala, MD
Nicholas J. Manno, MD and Faith Manno
Tara Marotti
Marquette Alges Medical School Alliance
John S. Mc Intyre, MD and Ann H. Mc Intyre
Philip E. McCarthy, MD
James G. McClure, MD
John W. McCravey, MD and Georgia McCravey
Donald C. McKee, MD and Patricia J. McKee
John H. McLaughlin, MD and Lorraine A. McLaughlin
Medical Society of the County of Westchester
Mark A. Meister, Sr.
John Merten, MD and Suzan Merten, MD
Roger H. Meyer, MD
Michigan State Medical Society Alliance
Angelo Milano, MD and Rosemary Milano
Jon E. Minter, MD
Frederick L. Moffat, MD and Molly Moffat
William B. Monnig, MD
John M. Montgomery, MD, MPH
Pamela R. Moore, MD and C. Jones
Alethia E. Morgan, MD and Mark Fall
James J. Morgan, MD and Kim Morgan
Lee R. Morisy, MD and Michele Morisy
Anjali Morris, MD
Joseph T. Moskal, MD and Pamela S. Moskal
Marietta Nelson, MD
Jack N. Newman, Jr., MD and Julie Newman
William G. Nicholson, MD
Milo A. Nittler, MD
Eugene J. Nordby, MD and Olive M. Nordby
Northampton County Medical Society Alliance, Inc.
Lynne E. Nowak, MD and Edward Nowak
Betty M. Y. O'Dell, MD
Carol Olson
Sandra Jane F. Olson, MD and Ronald Olson
Onondaga County Medical Society
Armando Ortiz, MD
Daniel J. Ostergaard, MD and Ruth Ostergaard
Donald Paarlberg, MD and Suzanna Paarlberg
James M. Pacenta, MD and Nancy Pacenta
Thomas C. Pagedas, MD
Alan M. Peabody, MD and Deborah Peabody
Donna A. Pearce, MD
Eugene W. Peck, Jr., MD and Barbara Peck
Richard W. Peters, MD and Nancy Peters
Steve Peterson, MD
William E. Pfeiffer, Sr. and Mary Kay McPhee
Raymond Pfister, MD and Bobette Pfister
Emanuel T. Phillips, MD
Richard N. Pierson, Jr., MD
Joel C. Pittard, MD and Carol M. Pittard
William H. Pitts, MD
Annelle B. Primm, MD
Ramachandra K. Pudupakkam, MD
Donald R. Pulitzer, MD and Donna G. Pulitzer
Garfield Ramdeen, MD and Elizabeth Williams
Mohammad H. Rezaee, MD and Diana Rezaee
Jonathan E. Rhoads, Jr., MD
Thomas K. Rice, MD and Mary Rice
Robert B. Ringhofer, MD and Julie Ringhofer
Deloris E. Rissling, MD
Charles Roesch, MD and Terri Roesch
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD and Paul R. Kirchgraber, MD
Marvin H. Rorick, III, MD and Lindsay B. Rorick
Edward P. Rose, MD and Harriet Rose
Elizabeth A. Roseberry, MD
Barrett F. Rosen, MD and Carolyn Rosen
Michael H. Rosenberg, MD
Charles Rothberg, MD
Benjamin G. Santos, MD and Karen Santos
Nicholas A. Sarros, MD and Beth Sarros
Hansjoerg Sauter, MD and Lyn F. Sauter
Maria C. Savoia, MD
Raymond Scalettar, MD and Nada V. Scalettar
John E. Scheub, MD and Teena Scheub
Larry M. Schick, MD and Regina Schick
Melvin M. Schiff, MD
Ralph E. Schlossman, MD
Edward Schneider, MD and Nancy Schneider
Barbara J. Schroeder, MD
Herta M. Schrom, MD
Randolph E. Schumacher, MD and Beth Ann Schumacher
Peter L. Schwartz, MD
Alice Scott
Ellsworth C. Seeley, MD and Sara L. Seeley
Curtis R. Sewell, P.E.
Christopher D. Silva, MD and Heather Silva
Gregory J. Simmons, MD and Kathy Simmons
Ryan and LaVerne A. Simmons
Michael B. Simon, MD
JoAnn W. Smith
Dean F. Smith, III, MD and Kim Smith
Randolph D. Smoak, Jr., MD and Saundra Smoak
John M. Snodsmith, MD and Lynda L. Snodsmith
Peter L. Sosnow, MD
Nilda I. Soto, MD
Edward H. Stark, MD and Joan Stark
David B. Steiner, MD and Nancy Steiner
Carl R. Stevenson, MD and Elizabeth Stevenson
Farrell S. Stiegler, MD
Minnie Z. Stiff, MD
David K. Stokes, Jr., MD and Norma T. Stokes
Carl E. Strauch, MD
Paul Summergrad, MD
M. Monica Sweeney, MD
Bernard Tabatznik, MD
David T. Tayloe, Jr., MD
William F. Terry, MD and Jo W. Terry
Scott A. Thiele, MD and Mrs. Jean Thiele
Dean E. Thomas, MD and Kathy Thomas
Herbert W. Thompson, MD and Sharon C. Thompson
Peter S. Thoms, MD and Cheryl Thoms
Norman B. Thomson, Jr., MD and Gail G. Thomson
W. Phillips Tinkler, MD
Alice A. Tolbert-Coombs, MD, FACE
Harsh Trivedi, MD and Urmi Trivedi
Joseph A. Tucker, MD
Margaret L. Turner
Georgia A. Tuttle, MD
Naheed A. Van De Walle, MD
Paul R. Vandersteen, MD and Bette Vandersteen
Arturo L. Vargas, MD
Stanley Vermillion, MD
John O. Vlad, MD
Kevin L. Walker
Barry W. Wall, MD
Stephen C. Wang, MD and Rosa Wang
William P. Warren, MD
Donald Waters
Ruth L. Webb
William C. Weese, MD
Susan J. Wegman, MD
Judith K. Weis, MD and Paul J. Reger, MD
Paul A. Wertsch, MD and Kay A. Heggestad
Richard L. Westerman, MD and Phyllis Westerman
James W. White, MD and Pauline White
Richard C. Wilcox, MD and Pricilla D. Wilcox
Vick F. Williams, MD and Dorothy R. Williams
A. Ross Wilson, Jr., MD
Cheri C. Wilson
John Wilson
Robert G. Wilson, MD and Dorothy W. Wilson
Stanley M. Wilson, MD
David E. Winchester, MD and Erin Winchester
Robert L. Wingate, Jr., MD
Judson Wood, JD
Ravi Xavier, MD and Rosemary Xavier
Mansour Yacoub, MD
Cyndi J. Yag-Howard, MD and Corey L. Howard, MD
Robert E. Yim, MD and Shirley M. Yim
Peter R. Young, MD and Darlene Young
William M. Young, Jr., MD
Michael J. Zia, MD and Linda Castleman