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CPT® Network

Welcome to CPT® Network!

CPT Network is your resource for CPT coding answers "straight from the source." This new system provides members and subscribers the tools to quickly research a database of commonly asked questions and clinical examples (vignettes). If the answer to a specific question cannot be found in the database, authorized users will have the capability to submit an electronic inquiry directly to CPT. Our staff of CPT coding experts are committed to providing users with timely and accurate solutions to their coding inquiries.

For your convenience, a variety of subscription packages have been designed. When reviewing the package options, please take into consideration the volume of coding inquiries your organization may require and the number of users that will need to access the service. Keeping these factors in mind, you can select the package which best fits your specific needs. AMA Members receive a complimentary full-year subscription to the CPT Network, including access to the Knowledge Base and 6 free electronic inquiries. 

Once you become a user of CPT Network, you will be just a click away from accessing the Knowledge Base (KB) or submitting an electronic inquiry (EI).

CPT Network features:

  • Search Knowledge Base – Includes frequently asked questions about CPT coding and other data collected by the CPT staff, the AMA division, and from questions previously submitted by CPT users. Allows the user to search for coding information and clinical examples (vignettes).
  • Electronic Inquiry Request – Includes a standardized form for submitting on-line inquiries on issues not contained in the Knowledge Base.
  • Inquiry History – Allows the user to track the history of any request that has been submitted.
  • Add Credits – Allows the user to add additional credits to their account for electronic inquiries.
  • My Account – Includes a customer profile, (e.g.,name, mailing address, e-mail address, credits remaining on account). Profiles can be updated as necessary.
  • Contact Us – Allows the user to contact CPT for general information or problems which may be encountered with accessing the service.

To Get Started and Select Your Package, click on link below:

Register now! or login to start using the Knowledge Base or to submit an electronic inquiry.