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National Summit on Obesity

Health care professionals gathered for the National Summit on Obesity to discuss the challeges associated with the obesity epidemic.

Speaker's biographical sketches

National Summit on Obesity
Executive Summary - Building a plan to reduce obesity in America

The executive summary and proceedings developed by the AMA and made possible by the generous support of the AMA Foundation.

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Presentations and speakers

Actively Collaborating to Address Obesity in West Virginia
Ron D. Stollings, MD
West Virginia State Medical Association
West Virginia Medical Foundation

Dairy's Role in African American Health: Addressing the Obesity Epidemic
Winston Price, MD, FAAP
National Medical Association

Overview and Impact of the Obesity Epidemic
Exercise and Childhood Obesity
Mike Magee, MD

Obesity Worksite Interventions: Perspective from the Health Care Front
Michael Parkinson, MD, MPH

A Model Community Intervention: Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC)
Matt Longjohn, MD, MPH
Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, MD, MPH

Health in the Balance: Preventing Childhood Obesity
Douglas Kamerow, MD, MPH

Obesity: States Searching for Solutions
Lee Dixon, MA

Enabling the Nation's Schools to Help Prevent Obesity
Lloyd Kolbe, PhD

Medical Practice Interventions Physicians Practices
Robert Kushner, MD

Screening for Obesity: USPSTF
Douglas Kamerow, MD, MPH

Costs of Obesity and Communications Implications for the U.S. Healthcare System
Lou Diamond, MD
Kreg Sherbine