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Physician Data Resources

The American Medical Association (AMA) plays a key health information management role by collecting, maintaining, and disseminating primary source physician data. Data guides the development and implementation of AMA policy and support a variety of data driven products and services. Learn how this rich repository of physician information is created, maintained, and utilized.

Data Products for Patients

The public can view information on over 815,000 US licensed physicians using the AMA's premier physician locator service, AMA DoctorFinder.

Data Services for Physicians

Physicians may update or view their AMA data files by using the AMA Online Data Collection Center.

Physicians, residents, and students may opt out of receiving AMA fax communication by completing the Opt Out form.

Data Products for Health Professionals

Access Physician Data Now reports selected statistics on the population of physicians and the practice of medicine.

AMA data may be accessed for commercial or business purposes through Database Licensing.

AMA Physician Masterfile data are available to health care researchers through Physician-Related Data Services and Publications.

Data Collection and Maintenance Activities

The AMA Physician Masterfile is the nation's largest repository of primary source physician data. Data on individual physicians, spanning the continuum from undergraduate medical education through physician practice, are continuously updated through extensive data collection and data exchange activities.

Direct E-mail regarding Physician-Related Data Resources to PhysData@ama-assn.org.

Services and publications

AMA Physician Masterfile

Online Data Collection Center and Physician Data Verification Hotline

AMA Database Licensing
Information on license agreements and AMA Physician Masterfile.