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Take Action

There are many ways physician members of medical staffs can become involved in the AMA's ongoing advocacy efforts:

Review and Comment on Accreditation Standards

The Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) monitors and where appropriate comments on proposed changes to Joint Commission hospital and other accreditation standards relevant to organized medical staffs. As part of this process, the OMSS often solicits comments from interested physicians with expertise in the accreditation topics in question.

Report Safety and Quality Concerns

Physicians and other hospital staff members concerned about patient care or facility non-compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation and other accreditation standards can file anonymous complaints. Learn more about how to file a complaint.

Influence Legislation and Regulation

Physicians need an advocate in the nation's capital. As the leading voice for America's physicians in Washington, D.C., the AMA is aggressively involved in advocacy efforts that are related to the most vital issues in medicine today.

Form a Legislative Advocacy Team

Medical staffs, with their well-developed communications mechanisms, are a logical organizational unit for advocating on behalf of patients and colleagues on the many vital issues facing our health care system. The OMSS has developed Guidelines for forming effective legislative advocacy teams, and encourages medical staff members' engagement in this process to affect positive change at both the local and national levels.