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Future Physicians

The AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS) is dedicated to helping all children and adolescents realize that being a physician is a career option for them. The MAS is particularly interested in reaching out to African-American, Hispanic-American and American Indian children because these groups are so underrepresented in medicine.

Information and resources for minority students are provided here with hope that this will help them on the path to becoming one of the future's physicians.

If you are a physician or medical student, we invite you to take part in the Doctors Back To School Program and view the Physician Interview Project. These programs aim to raise awareness of the need for more minority physicians and to encourage children from underrepresented minority groups to look at medicine as a career option.

If you are interesting in becoming a physician the AMA's Becoming an MD Web site provides additional resources on this topic.

Financial Aid Links

Other Resource Links
Provides a list of resources for children interested in becoming physicians.