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The Office of House of Delegates Affairs provides support to the Speakers in coordinating all aspects of the House of Delegates Meetings including production of the House of Delegates Meeting Handbooks and Official Proceedings for each meeting, and coordination of the annual election process.

PolicyFinder, and the HOD Reference Manual are among the informational materials administered by this office.

The Office of House of Delegates Affairs also serves as a primary resource for delegates, and facilitates timely and efficient communication between members of the House and the AMA on issues of organizational interest.

An important role our office plays is to maintain accurate contact records for members of the House. The information in our database is used to produce the mailing list for all House-related correspondence, and is the basis for the Pictorial Directory.

Please be sure to contact us if your contact information changes, or if you would like any updates to your listing in these resources.

Please feel free to contact us at hod@ama-assn.org if we can be of assistance.